Glamour x Dior beauty workshop: S/S 2014 makeup look

If you still remember, I had went to the Glamour x Dior beauty workshop last year, and I couldn't believe my luck when I was invited to this event again. The Rundown of the Dior beauty workshop was similar to last year's, so I won't be repeating myself here and go straight to the Spring/Summer 2014 makeup look that we were taught by the national Dior make-up artist Wim Thompson.

For last year's Dior Summer 2013 makeup look, I got to try the 5-Colour Eyeshadow palette - Peacock 434 from the Dior Bird of Paradise Summer 2013 collection and the at the time, new Dior Addict lipsticks and lip glosses. The makeup look's main colors were green tones on the eyes and orange on the lips.

While last year's look was more about looking exotic and mysterious based on the look of Daphne Groeneveld, this year, it seems to me that it is more about looking fierce with a hint of girliness in the same way as Dior model Sasha Luss. It isn't that difficult to achieve with their latest products such as the Dior Addict It-lash, Dior Addict It-line, and the Dior Addict Fluid Stick.

This is the makeup look that I created at the Glamour x Dior beauty workshop. Keep reading to see how I did it. ^_^

Glamour x Dior beauty workshop: S/S 2014 makeup look

Just like last year, we were given a short quiz, which helps you figure out which look should be the most suitable for you. Although I ended up with the Aventure makeup look, I really wanted to try out the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in the beautiful color, Wonderland, so I decided to do the Wonderland makeup look instead. I was also tempted to try out the makeup look that you could see in the promotional pictures of the Dior It-lash, with the pretty pink eyeliner above the black eyeliner, similar as what I did in the Etude House xoxo Minnie Look at my eyes Jewel PK006 eyeshadow review. But I was intrigued by the double winged eyeliner look that I just had to learn, so I just stuck to the whole Wonderland look.

Glamour x Dior beauty workshop quiz

I mentioned that I was supposed to do a double winged eyeliner, but the new Dior Addict It-Line eyeliner (It-black) really needs some time to get used to and just getting a straight line was already too difficult for me (as you can see in the pictures >_<). The brush is very short and flexible. The makeup artist suggested to apply the eyeliner with the flat side and not with the tip.

I did get impressed by the Diorshow Mono eyeshadow in IT-pink and IT-purple (limited edition). Although the two colors are not something that I would normally buy (it is really out of my comfort zone), they look really gorgeous and it was a lot of fun experimenting with bright summer colors.

Dior Spring/Summer 2014 eye makeup look: Diorshow Mono eyeshadow in IT-pink and IT-purple (limited edition)

My eyelashes really underwent monstrous growth thanks to the Diorshow maximizer that I have worn under the Dior Addict It-lash in It-black

On my lips, I have worn the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 575 Wonderland. I had this on my wishlist for a long time and it was great that I got to try it. I do have to add that I have used the Dior Addict Lip Glow underneath, so it might have influenced the outcome a bit.

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 575 Wonderland

Other products that I used: Powder Eyebrow pencil 593 brown, Diorskin Nude 030 - Medium Beige mixed with Hydra Life Close-up (1:1), and a tiny bit of Diorskin Rosy Glow (to avoid looking like a clown ^_^).   

During the Dior beauty workshop, we were also taught an interesting contouring technique using the radiance booster pen (Dior Skinflash 002 - Ivory glow) and the Diorskin nude tan bronzing powder (shade unknown, but it is a bit too dark on me). 

I wasn't able to do it that perfectly, but I managed to create the reversed triangle under my eye with the Dior Skinflash (added bonus: my eye bags don't look that bad anymore). I also applied some on the nose bridge. Lastly, some bronzing powder was applied on the sides of the nose, on the sides of my face and a bit under my cheek.

Dior Spring/Summer 2014 makeup look + contouring

Click here to see what I had on my nails and here to see the goodiebags that we took home.

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