New in: pink HEMA Ice Lolly Moulds

Not only did I recently buy the HEMA Pretty Lips lipglosses, I also bought these cute, pink ice lolly moulds from the HEMA (if you don't know: a Dutch houseware chain store). It is also available in mint green, matching with the turquoise HEMA frying pan that I had bought in the past. But since I think this color matches summer more than the icy cold mint green color (although it will make the ice lollies look extra cold ^-^), I choose to buy this one instead.

HEMA pink ice lolly moulds | ijsjesvorm

It is made of a sturdy, transparent pink plastic that isn't bendable. For just €1.50, it was a bargain that I couldn't leave behind. The mould creates ice lollies in the shape of Ola Rocket ice lollies (in Dutch: Raket ijsjes). They have three stacked layers in different colors with strawberry, orange, and pineapple flavor. I used to eat those a lot when I was a child, so it really brings back memories.

The measurements are 21 x 11 x 17 cm. This is really important to know as the ice lolly mould has to stand stable in the freezer, because the caps don't close off very tight. Moving it a bit, can make one of the caps come off. So be sure to find enough space for it in the freezer. There is a large enough gap in between the mould, so you could also for example place a small bag of frozen peas in between to stabilize it and make the surface on the bottom larger.

Since I have a lot of free time on Sunday, I really want to try all kinds of ice lolly/popsickle recipes (even though it is so cold now in the Netherlands, that it almost feels like it is Autumn already). ^-^

HEMA Ice Lolly Moulds | ijsjesvorm
Update: I made these delicious milky red bean ice lollies/popsicles (click to see pictures and the recipe).

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