Review: Dior vernis 575 Wonderland and 338 Mirage

The Dior S/S 2014 makeup look that I was taught at the Glamour x Dior beauty workshop wasn't going to be complete without matching nails. Last year, I picked out the Dior vernis 343 Spring Ball and 433 Délice, which were shimmery light pink and dark orange shades that matched with the Dior Addict Gloss 433 - Délice that I was wearing on my lips. This time, I got to choose between Dior vernis 575 Wonderland, 338 Mirage, 551 Aventure, and 754 Pandore. The Dior vernis 754 Pandore has a very classic red color and the Dior vernis 551 Aventure has a warm orange color that I didn't find suitable with the makeup that I was wearing. I was left with the Dior vernis 575 Wonderland and 338 Mirage and I couldn't decide, so I have worn two different colors on each hand again. (It is starting to become a habit ^_^).

Dior vernis 575 Wonderland and 338 Mirage

 Dior vernis 338 Mirage

The Dior vernis 338 Mirage has a beautiful purple color that instantly brightens the skin tone of my hand. It is a color that I don't have in my nail polish collection yet, so I just had to see how it looks like on my nails. 

Dior vernis 338 Mirage review + swatch
Dior vernis 338 Mirage swatch from far

Dior vernis 575 Wonderland

The Dior vernis 575 Wonderland has a very pretty, warm pink color that reminds me of grapefruit juice. It not only matches with the Diorshow Mono eyeshadow It-Pink that I had on my eyelids, it also matches with the Dior Addict Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland (same name as the nail polish) that I had on my lips. I have looked in my stash and the most similar nail polish that I have is the Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish 02 - Bubble Pink. After comparison, the Etude House nail polish is a tad lighter, but it has a similar gel nail finish.
Dior vernis 575 Wonderland review + swatch

Dior vernis 575 Wonderland swatch from far

After wearing the Dior vernis 575 Wonderland outside, I discovered something amazing about this nail polish. Indoors, it has very glossy, warm pink color, but outside in the sun, it has a very pretty, almost translucent, jelly finish. This makes it the perfect nail polish to wear at the beach.   

Dior vernis 575 Wonderland swatch
Dior vernis 575 Wonderland swatch (in the sun)

   My opinion

These nail polishes are part of the new generation Dior nail lacquer that have a gel nail effect. They are said to be as shiny as glass, to have long staying power, and to have an improved brush that is softer, longer, and flat with a rounded tip. The nail polishes are also formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, or camphor.

The formula was great as one coat was already enough, but I applied another coat just to be sure. As it has a gel nail like finish, you might get issues such as easier getting cuts and scrapes on it and bubbles forming. It can be avoided as much as possible by waiting patiently between each coat, giving it enough time to thoroughly dry, and not shaking the nail polish bottle beforehand. Moreover, I really liked the brush, as I was able to apply the nail polish without any trouble. Normally, I would make a lot more mistakes when I use a wide brush.  

With regards to the staying power, the nail polish on my nails already had some minor tip wear after a day and within 3-4 days almost half of my nails were bare. I applied a top coat on the nails of my left hand and they survived nicely for a week, so I really recommend wearing a good base and top coat.

I seriously fell for the Dior vernis 575 Wonderland (gorgeous color!) and it is a permanent color, so this one might become the first Dior nail polish that I own. ^_^

Dior vernis 575 Wonderland and 338 mirage with Diorshow mono in It-pink and It-purple

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