Baguette with Campofrio Jamón Serrano

Recently, I found out that my local Albert Heijn supermarket started to sell all kinds of delicious sliced hams from Campofrio. I was getting tired of the usual hams that I put on my bread, so it is great that I have more to choose from. They have the Campofrio Jamón Serrano, Jamón Serrano Bodega, Chorizo, Chorizo Pamplona, Salami, Lomo, and also a Tapas mix set with Jamón Serrano, Chorizo, and Salchichón.

I decided to try the Jamón Serrano.

Campofrio Jamón Serrano

The Jamón Serrano is very thinly sliced and they tear very easily, so you have to take a slice out very carefully. I think one pack has around 10 slices and in the picture, it almost seems like it is just one slice, but I took the picture when I opened the pack for the first time. 

Campofrio Jamón Serrano

I have eaten a bit of the ham on its own and it has a not too overwhelming salty flavor. It has a very delicate taste. Because I ate it for lunch right after doing groceries, I didn't had time to look up some delicious recipes and I just placed the Jamón Serrano on a whole wheat baguette. In the end, it turned out a bit too dry to me. I think it was missing a sauce of some sort or something moist and crunchy like lettuce.

Campofrio Jamón Serrano baquette

In the meantime, I have made some other recipes with the ham already and I will share those with you soon.

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