Seafood barbeque party with the BBQ set from Schmidt zeevis

During the summer, I organized a barbeque party and in this blog post, I will show you what I prepared. Because I don't like eating a lot of meat, it decided to have a seafood (my favorite!) fest instead. At the time, there happened to be a Groupon deal at the schmidt zeevis (a famous local fish store in Rotterdam). It wasn't very inexpensive, but you would get a large set of seafood that is cut to size, already marinated in different flavors, and ready to use. It also contained many kinds of fish that I have never eaten before, so it is nice to get to try them.

This is the box that the luxurious, schmidt zeevis seafood barbeque set came in. Curious to know what's inside?

schmidt zeevis rotterdam luxe barbeque schotel

 When you open the box, you will see the large amount of seafood on a big tray.

schmidt zeevis luxe barbeque schotel | seafood barbeque set

The Schmidt zeevis luxurious BBQ set contained:
  • 4 large scrimps in piri piri marinade
  • 4 large scallops
  • a long baguette from Menno (a small, rustic bread bakery)
  • 200 g of Salmon with Provencal marinade
  • 180 g monk fish with pesto marinade
  • 240 g tuna with Tataki marinade
  • 200 g sword fish with Spanish marinade
  • 300 g dorade with Ocean Pacific marinade
  • 300 g sea bass with piri piri marinade

schmidt zeevis luxe barbeque schotel | seafood barbeque set

 It was the first time, I ate dorade and it had a nice crispy skin and soft meat.
 barbeque dorade fillet

On this plate, are all the skewers in this barbeque set.

mixed seafood skewers

The salmon tasted really good with the skin still on.

salmon and monkfish skewers

I especially liked the monkfish (on the right), as it had a firm, almost lobster like texture and sweet taste. The swordfish (on the left), was a bit overcooked and too hard, but it was still full of flavor.   

swordfish and monkfish skewers

In the close up, you can see how firm the meat of the swordfish is. It has a denser texture than most fish. The seabass on the other hand, was very soft and silky. The only negative thing was that I didn't really like the taste of the marinade very much.

swordfish and seabass

After looking at all the pictures, I noticed that I forgot to take pictures of the scrimps and scallops that I also made skewers of. I think it was so delicious that it got all eaten up, before I noticed it.

Keep an eye on my blog as there is also a part 2 and part 3 of this barbeque. 

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