Markthal in Rotterdam

Previously, I had written about the Markthal in Rotterdam, while it was near completion. On 1 October 2014, it was officially opened by our lovely Queen Maxima and naturally, I could not wait to pay it a visit. The building really looks very beautiful from afar, like a stairway to heaven (or should I stay footstool to heaven?)  

Markthal in Rotterdam

Outside of the Markthal, Rotterdam

The Markthal is right next to the metro station Blaak (the strange UFO looking building on the left of the picture), so even for if you are a tourist who has never been here before, you cannot really miss it. The enormous glass wall makes you think that it is completely open in the center, but you are kept warm (or cool depending on the weather) and protected from wind and rain.
Markthal in Rotterdam

Although looking very grand (like those of an expensive department store), I am not sure why they have chosen to put revolving doors at the entrance. It is not the best idea with the enormous amount of people that want to go in and out. Luckily, there are still two revolving doors in the back too and an entrance on the right side.

entrance Markthal in Rotterdam

Inside of the Markthal, Rotterdam

 Right near the entrance, you are welcomed by a shop that sells wine, fruit juice, bread, and vegetables.

wine and bread | Markthal in Rotterdam
bread and apple juice | Markthal in Rotterdam
rustic bread | Markthal in Rotterdam

When you walk further inside, you will get a better view of the paintings on the inside walls and ceiling, which is the artwork called, Horn of plenty (in Dutch: Hoorn des overvloeds).
large caterpillar | Markthal in Rotterdam
Funny note: it almost looks like the giant caterpillar on the wall is trying to eat the guy walking in the middle.

Leonidas | Markthal in Rotterdam

Sweet tooth heaven

I am actually quite surprised by the large amount of chocolate, pastry, and sweet shops in the Markthal. Are we, the Dutch people, really the biggest sweet tooths in the world? 

chocolate bonbons | Markthal in Rotterdam

You can find chocolate pralines from Leonidas, nuts, tapas, olives, Turkish delights, brownies and donuts from an American style bakery, Dutch syrup waffles (not sure how they differ from the Dutch stroopwafels?), chocolate kebab and vlaaien from Multivlaai, Chinese cakes from Mei Sum Bakery, ice cream from De IJssalon (a famous Rotterdam ice cream parlor), and churros, waffles, and poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes) from Churros & Sweets.

pastries | Markthal in Rotterdam

nuts | Markthal in Rotterdam

muffins and donuts | Markthal in Rotterdam

cookies and muffins | Markthal in Rotterdam

pastries | Markthal in Rotterdam


After some shopping (and snacking), you can rest your feet on one of the 8 terraces that are built on the rooftops of the shops. Each terrace offers a different variety of food and drinks, ranging from coffee, cakes, pasta, tapas, seafood, to healthy smoothies. The plants make it feel very cozy up there and you also get a great view of the hustle and bustle of people trying to sell their goods and people looking for delicious food.

terrace in the air | Markthal in Rotterdam

On both sides of the Markthal, there will soon open a Sumo restaurant (all-you-can-eat sushi), Mart Café (café food, serving famous Rotterdam Dudok cakes), Elliniko (Greek food), Firma Pickels (wine and hamburgers), BasQ kitchen (Spanish tapas), and Fellini (Italian pasta), where you can also sit down and enjoy a meal.

Fresh Food Friends rooftop terrace Markthal Rotterdam Netherlands

 Some food shops also provide a small bar to sit at on ground level.

terrace in the air | Markthal in Rotterdam


 After getting enough rest and many cups of coffee, you should be able to continue with your grocery shopping. 

vegetables | Markthal in Rotterdam

There are many stores selling (biological) vegetables and fruit, bread, cheese, meat, liquor (there is a large World of Drinks store!), and even flowers.

bread | Markthal in Rotterdam
vegetables | Markthal in Rotterdam

Staircases, escalators, and elevators

In the middle of the Markthal, you can find the staircases, escalators, and elevators that take you to the upper floor and the two lower floors.

three floors | Markthal in Rotterdam
escalators | Markthal in Rotterdam

One floor below, you can find a large Albert Heijn supermarket, an Etos drugstore, and a Gall & Gall liquor store. It is not a coincidence as these stores all belong to the same company. On this floor is also where you can find the public toilets. Another floor below, you can find the parking lot. One floor above the ground level are restaurants and extra retail space of the stores that you can find on ground level. 

Albert Heijn | Markthal in Rotterdam


At the very end of the Markthal and near the exits in the back, you can find two seafood stores, Royal Fish and Andalus Fish, selling fresh fish and you can also order an affordable, simple seafood meal (similar to fish and chips).

Fish store | Markthal in Rotterdam

Other noteworthy stores that I am familiar with are Bram Ladage (a famous Rotterdam potato fries shop), YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar (bubble tea), Atlantic fish store (with the best herring of the Netherlands), Ijssalon (one of the best ice cream parlors in Rotterdam, find a picture of their ice cream here), and a Wah Nam Hong (a Chinese supermarket, some pictures can be found here) with a small food corner on ground floor and a restaurant on the first floor. I kind of expected a HEMA shop selling a typical Dutch "broodje rookworst" (a sausage roll) too, but maybe in the future? A Jamie's Italian was also added to the selection of restaurants (my review).

To sum it up

At the Markthal, the Dutch, Italian, Greek, American, Spanish, Turkish, Surinam, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese kitchen are represented and you can find things such as rare tropical fruit, health foods, seafood, sushi, wine, mixed nuts, olives, cakes, pastries, sweets, noodle soup, bubble tea, potato fries, all kinds of bread, fresh meat, hams, cheese, pasta, pizza, ice cream, churros, waffles, smoothies, salads, roti, and so much more. If you still haven't found what you want at the many shops and stores, you can also check out the Albert Heijn supermarket, the Etos, and the Gall & Gall, one floor below.

I am sure, you will not leave the Markthal empty handed (or with an empty stomach).

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