Memebox: Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss review

In the MEMEBOX Special #16 OMG box, I found this cute Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss in the shade 04 - Pink Candy. It is a lip gloss built up of two layers with gradating colors and it contains many small shimmers. It kind of reminds me of the banila co. triple wonder care lip tint that I had tried before. It also has layers and the milky layer was also the one with a moisturizing effect. The shimmery layer on the bottom has in this product been distributed throughout the two layers, which is a better solution as it took me quite some time to mix up the three layers and make the lip tint look more shimmery on the lips.

 Memebox: Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss 04 - Pink Candy review
 Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss in the shade 04 - Pink Candy*

From the name "Night Diva Gloss" and the leopard print on the box and cap, I think that this product is targeted to the girls that like to go out and enjoy the night life.  

Memebox: Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss

That's why they have added a small side mirror and a built in LED light inside the cap. It is sometimes difficult to find a decent mirror and great light in the restrooms of night clubs. I have tested it in total darkness and I was able to apply the lip gloss without any problems. You can also press the light button on top of cap, while the cap is still closed, and use the whole thing as a light stick/flashlight.

side mirror of the Memebox: Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss

The lip gloss has the same length as a normal mobile phone, so it should be able to fit into your party clutch and it also saves you from bringing a separate hand mirror with you. The mirror part does get dirty very fast, so it would have been better if it had a cover.      

lip swatch of the Memebox: Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss

My opinion

Although you are supposed to wear this lip gloss while partying, it has a surprisingly innocent, soft pink color. The lip gloss is quite sheer and you can see my lip color peeking through it. But it does lighten my lip color a bit and it gives them a very natural looking, light pink color. I suspect the dark pink layer to have a subtle lip tint effect. The shimmers in the lip gloss look like those in an expensive lip gloss, very subtle and pretty. They are barely there during the day, but they look very lustrous at night.

It has a faint, powdery floral scent, but you barely notice it and it doesn't linger. It also has a soap like taste, so try to avoid eating some of it accidentally. 

The Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss is a simple, non-sticky, and a very moisturizing pink lip gloss with beautiful shimmers and the OMG-factor rather seems to be the handy LED-light and mirror combination.

Where to buy?

The Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss is available at for $22 and there are 5 shades to pick from: 01 - Pink Drop, 02 - Purple Rain, 03 - Juicy Veil, 04 - Pink Candy, and 05 - Mint Blue.

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