Peripera peri's Milk and Water Balms

I cannot believe it, but after the HEMA Pretty Lips lipglosses, I think I found another possible dupe of the Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms and this time, it is from the Korean brand, Peripera. There are two kinds: the Peripera peri's Milk Balms and the Peripera peri's Water Balms. I seriously love the colorful metallic sticks, so they will surely get a warm welcome to my growing collection of those. On the caps, the Milk Balms have a corset like laces print and the Water Balms have a cute circle print.

In the promotional pictures, the Peripera peri's Milk and Water Balms are standing next to the matching lip tint product, which had been released in the past. Based on the pictures, the Water Balms seem to be more glossy and slightly sheer, while the Milk Balms are more opaque and matte. If there is a team glossy lips vs. team matte lips, I am definitely part of the team glossy lips. ^_^ 

Just like with the Benefit Hydrating tinted lip balms, you can wear the Peripera peri's Milk and Water Balms alone or with the matching lip tint. When you wear both products at the same time, the colors become really intense.

The Peripera peri's Milk and Water Balm 's retail price is 15,000 won and they are a lot more expensive than the Peripera peri's milk and water tints that were only 7,000 won. This is the total opposite from how the similar Benefit products are, as the lip balms are about half the price of a lip tint. I think it is quite clever though, as you might get tempted by the pretty packaging and decide to get the cheaper lip tint product in the matching color too. Whereas with Benefit, you first start with a cheaper lip balm and although you like them, you might want a more intense color, so you go buy the matching lip tint too, regardless of the price.    

My obsession with tinted lip balms started with the Aritaum Honey Melting Tints and the Etude House Ice Tint Balms and I don't know when I will stop collecting them, as companies keep creating more interesting ones.

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