Happy Pepero day!

Ever since I bought a whole bunch of Korean chocolate making supplies, I have been making chocolates and chocolate covered bread sticks for any special occasion. Today, it is Pepero day and also, my little brother's birthday. So, that's why I made a whole bunch of large chocolate sticks, similar to the Giant Pocky sticks.

The first kind I made, were strawberry chocolate sticks with crushed M&M's.

pepero/giant pocky chocolate sticks: strawberry with crushed m&m's

I still had two Milka chocolate bars with pieces of Oreo and Daim, so I melted them and cut some of it in small cubes. The chocolate I covered the bread sticks with, tasted really good with a hint of caramel and pieces of crunchy cookie. The small cubes of chocolate stuck to the bread sticks quite well, as only one or two fell off. Lastly, I also added some hagelslag, which are Dutch chocolate sprinkles that we actually eat on bread ^_^. The random pieces of M&M's were leftovers from the previous batch of chocolate sticks.

pepero/giant pocky chocolate sticks: hagelslag and Milka oreo & daim

 I also made three kinds of chocolate sticks (lemon, strawberry, and dark chocolate) with finely chopped almonds.

pepero/giant pocky chocolate sticks: lemon, strawberry, dark chocolate with finely chopped almonds

Can you actually believe that this was my lunch? ^_^
(I do think I deserve it after all the hard work of making these chocolate bread sticks)
Koekela lemon bar en brownie

On the plate, you can see two of the Milka Oreo & Daim sticks that I made and two pastries from the Rotterdam bakery, Koekela: a Lemon bar and a brownie. 

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