Miss Etam underwear set

A couple of days ago, this black Miss Etam underwear set was delivered to my house. Miss Etam had started their first underwear line and you could have already caught a glimpse of it during the Miss Etam and Promiss fashion show. With prices such as up to €25 for the bra's and the briefs for €7-10, it is still reasonably affordable. The fabric of the bra feels very comfortable and in the design, the wire under the cups has moved to the sides. It might be that my body is not used to the pressure coming from the sides and it needs more time adjusting to it or that I need to train my side muscles more, but it started to hurt after a long period. Luckily, the shorts were very comfortable. The lace shorts are low-waist and my favorite type of underwear.

Miss Etam underwear: black Patricia comfort bra and Mel lace short

 Miss Etam black Patricia comfort bra (€19.99) and Mel lace short (€7.99)*

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