My first Lush Christmas purchases

Last year, I visited the Lush store in Rotterdam to personally see the Lush Winter 2013 collection and at the end of the post, I mentioned that I would show you what I bought very soon. Even the new Lush Winter 2014 collection has already been released and still, you could find no trace of it on my blog. Recently, my laptop's hard disk is getting completely full and I have been trying to clear most of the pictures away, after posting them on my blog. Amidst the thousands of pictures, I found the pictures I took of my first Lush Winter purchases and I thought that I should better post them today, before I forget again.    

Lush Christmas purchases / haul: Snow mountain, Santa's lipscrub, Snow Fairy, Snow Globe, and Angel's Delight
Snow mountain bubble bar, Santa 's lip scrub, Snow Fairy shower gel*, Snow Globe soap, and Angel's Delight soap

Even though it has been so long ago since I bought them, I still haven't been able to finish everything yet. At least, I had more than enough time to thoroughly test the Lush products for my reviews. I am currently half way through my Snow Fairy shower gel and I nearly finished the Angel's Delight soap. Those are two of my all-time favorite Lush products and you will see a review of those on my blog soon. Sadly, Lush didn't have the Angel's Delight soap in this year's Winter collection. I was so hoping that I could get another to last me another year, before I can buy one again the following year. Lush, please bring it back next year! >_<

It feels great that I am finally clearing some of my backlog away. Hopefully, I can also show and review the presents I got for my birthday this year, before my next birthday in January. ^_^

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