Review: Mona tompouce pudding

Today, I will be reviewing another Mona pudding. When I heard that they are adding the Mona tompouce flavored pudding to their permanent line, I could not wait to try it out. A tompouce is a typical dutch puff pastry dessert with pink icing on top (you might have seen them before in my King's day food post, but with an orange icing). I was really curious to find out how this pudding version of it tastes like.

Mona Tompouce pudding

On top of packaging, you can read that this is an airy tompouce flavored pudding with a pink icing sauce.

Mona luchtige tompouce smaak pudding met roze glazuursaus

From the side, you can see that it has a very interesting yellow-pink contrast. The colors seem a bit artificial, but it still looks very appetizing.

Mona tompouce pudding zijkant

From the many holes in the pudding, you can already see how airy it is.

Mona tompouce pudding textuur

As always, I only try to eat one half of the Mona pudding, since the whole thing is a bit too much, even for someone like me that just loves pudding.

Halve Mona tompouce pudding

 My opinion

I really think that they did a great job on the airy texture as it really tastes similar to the thick, yellow pastry cream that you can find in between the two puff pastry layers of a tompouce. However, they could have made the pudding sweeter or added some vanilla flavor. The pink icing sauce was also lacking a bit in flavor, as the pink icing on a tompouce is normally very sweet and with a sugary, strawberry flavor. It actually makes me feel like I am eating a light product such as light chips; you know that you are eating potato chips, but somehow, it doesn't fully satisfy you.

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