Review: Pharrell Williams Girl eau de parfum sample

During the Douglas Zaandam store re-opening event, I was introduced to the unisex fragrance, Pharrell Williams - Girl, and my first impression was that it was a bit too heavy for my liking. In the goodiebag, I received a sample of this scent and I was able to try it out for a longer time. Sadly, the plastic bag and the sample spray bottle didn't have any references to the colorful design on the perfume bottle.

Pharrell Williams Girl fragrance

The Douglas store employee had told me that this scent may smell different from person to person. The people in the group that I was divided in, all got the scent sprayed on them and certain notes of the scent were more prevalent on some and not on others.

On me, the fragrance initially has a very heavy, manly cologne scent with a flowery end note, which you can distinguish the best, when you inhale deeply. I think I understand what they wanted to achieve with this scent. It smells very similar to what you smell as a girl, when you are embraced by your boyfriend (or rather husband, as the cologne scent is a bit on the mature side). Since often, the men's fragrance overpowers that of your own. But the thing is, I don't like to wear very flowery scents nor do I like guys that wear heavy cologne (I personally prefer refreshing scents on guys), so it doesn't bring up any memories or give me any warm feelings. As time passes, the scent becomes slightly sweeter and gets a more refreshing note, but you can still smell the typical cologne scent in the background. It isn't really my kind of scent, but I do have to say that it is very long-lasting. I sprayed it on me in the mornings and it lasted well up to two days.  

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