GALSTAR 13 items Fukubukuro (2014) from Rakuten

Last year, I had set aside some money to buy the largest Liz Lisa fukubukuro (福袋) of 2014, which every time comes in a very cute, vintage style, trolley suitcase. I have been dreaming of getting one for years. But after some careful consideration, I decided not to get it after all. The main reason is that I don't think I will ever use the suitcase. The first question I asked myself was: "When do I ever travel light?". ^_^ It can only fit 2-3 outfits and it could never hold the large mountain of souvenirs that I buy during trips. I am also not sure if I want such a pretty suitcase to be damaged during traveling. In the end, it would only be used as a cute decoration/storage item in my room, which is a bit of a waste. 

After some calculating, I figured out that for the amount of money I would spend to get one large Liz Lisa fukubukuro + the international shipping costs for the 7kg, I could buy several smaller fukubukuro instead. I would also get a winter coat in each lucky bag, which gives me more value for my money. So, that's what I did.


Let me first start with the lucky bag that was the least satisfactory. 

GALSTAR 13 items fukubukuro (lucky bag)

GALSTAR (ギャルスター) 13点つめこみ1万円福袋

Total costs: 10,000 yen (for the fukubukuro) and 7,800 yen (for international shipping with EMS). I feel so lucky that the yen was quite low at the time.

My experience with shopping at the GALSTAR shop on

 Rakuten Global Market

I ordered the GALSTAR fukubukuro on the Rakuten Global Market website, while I was doing research on many fukubukuro of other Japanese brands that looked interesting and dealing with fast sold-outs on certain popular ones (Lesson learned: never buy anything in a rush). The clothes in the GALSTAR lucky bag aren't that bad, aside from the thin material of some clothes, strange plastic bag filling in the collar of the coat, and several items that I would normally never buy (such as the red thermo undergarment that always make me laugh in Korean comedic programs ^_^). But I do have to say that it was very deceptive of the GALSTAR shop to place pictures of very cute and stylish clothes as examples of clothing pieces that you might get in the lucky bag and then send something very different.

When I paid for the order with my credit card, I just paid for the lucky bag (10.000 yen) and the international shipping costs would be charged later. I was surprised to see that they didn't charge my credit card immediately, when I placed the order, and just charged the amount including the international shipping costs later altogether. I didn't know that when you pay for something online with your credit card, you basically give them permission to charge you any amount and whenever they want. This has made me become more careful, when I use my credit card from now on.

Luckily, the other fukubukuro (lucky bags) that I bought were a lot better. So, keep an eye on my blog for updates. 

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