Albert Heijn mix voor bitterkoekjestaart | Christmas and Valentine's day cake tutorial

As you could have seen in my "What I did this winter" blog post, we had two boxes of the Albert Heijn mix for amarettini cake. Because we already bought way too many snacks for Christmas, one Christmas cake was already sufficient. We decided to leave one cake mix for another day. Even though the cake of the first try was very soft and bouncy, it lacked a bit in flavor, so I added some vanilla and small shreds of lemon peel to the batter the second time. The thicker cream and strawberry jam made it more moist too. As for the decorations of the Valentine's day cake, you can see it in the video underneath.

It is a bit strange, but I feel like I have made this cake many years ago too. I think I was still in high school or something. Maybe Albert Heijn re-introduced a product from a long time ago, just for the holidays?

Either way, have a great Valentine's day! 

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