KLM inflight meals from Amsterdam to Hong Kong

I really like looking at the pictures of inflight meals and I tried to take some too on my recent trip with KLM from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. I was in economy class and there are many options now, compared to a few years ago. You can choose from two different free meals (one Dutch and one Asian), 5 different kinds of paid meals (from €12 or 4,200 Flying Blue miles), or special meals that are for people with specific diets (such as vegetarian or vegan meals, low-sugar, low-fat, low-salt, gluten-free, and lactose-free meals).

 KLM inflight meals from Amsterdam to Hong Kong airplane food

Trip from Amsterdam to Hong Kong:

It is one of the first times that I could actually eat the inflight meals, besides the very delicious Chinese meal with Chinese glass noodles that I once had on board, as I normally skip every meal they offer to me and just eat the bag of chips that I bring with me or cup noodles. Salty food is the only thing that stays tasty that high up in the air.  

Chicken curry with slightly crunchy vegetables and white rice (Asian meal) or Meat balls with mashed potato and carrot (Dutch meal), coleslaw, and as dessert, white chocolate mousse, three small cream puffs, covered with chocolate sauce. Also, a small round piece of bread, a bottle of water, and in the carton box on the bottom right, you can find a piece of cheese, butter, and crackers.

Omelet (never eat egg on the plane!), fruit, and yogurt.

Return trip from Hong Kong to Amsterdam (no pictures, as I was too tired):

I don't remember the food too clearly anymore, but it wasn't that good. I was feeling really hungry at Schiphol airport, while I waited in the cold - wearing clothes suitable for the hot Hong Kong weather and not so suitable for the cold, Dutch autumn weather - for the taxi van to arrive. When I got home and after I unpacked some of the luggage, I went straight to bed, so the next morning, I ate a heavy breakfast to make up for it.    

Dinner: beef (?), too salty mashed potatoes, couscous salad with a herby dressing, mixed fruit, and a small cube of cake.

Something similar to paella rice, fruit, and yogurt.

- a small bag of almonds
- a sandwich with two thick slices of cheese
- a small bag of potato chips

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