Itinerary of my day trip in Brussels: Manneken Pis - part 4

I wasn't that excited about seeing the Manneken Pis, but as it is one of the icons of Brussels and it was in walking distance from where I was at, I was persuaded to have a look anyway.

Manneken pis, Brussels

The statue and the fountain have very pretty details, but my eyes were drawn more to the beautiful balcony and high door, right next to it.

Beautiful door next to the Manneken Pis.

The street at the left side of the Manneken Pis is the Stoofstraat/Rue de l'Etuve and you can a freshly made waffle without any toppings for €1 at several places there. In the picture underneath, you can see the Le Funambule waffle store. They have a large store window and you can see them make the waffles in large waffle irons right from the outside. 

Le Funambule Belgian waffle store, large window through you can see how they make one

Besides the standard waffle for €1, you can also decide to get one lavishly decorated with lots of different fruits (such as banana, strawberry, and kiwi) and topped with whip cream and chocolate drizzle. But beware, as that can costs you up to €5.

Belgian Waffles with fruit and whip cream
More Belgian Waffles with fruit and whip cream

The whole street seems to be for tourists, as I walked past plenty of tourist shops. Many of the chocolate stores have already put a large ribbon around 5 to 10 boxes of chocolate, ready for you to take the whole package home as souvenirs. It is the first time, I ever saw stores encourage people to buy so many boxes of chocolate at once. The quality of the chocolate isn't the highest, but that's why they are so affordable. Most stores offer free tastings, so go ahead and try some to see if it suits your taste before you buy so much.

Chocolate souvenir store, near Manneken Pis, brussels

Along the road, I passed a waffle store called The Waffle Factory, where you can get a savory waffle with cheese in it. That sounds quite special, but sadly, I was already too full to give it a try.

When I was starting to get near the Grand Place, I also passed the Elizabeth artisan Belgian Sweets store. The large pieces of meringue looked very tasty. I wish I bought one of those meringue pies. >_<

Elizabeth artisan Belgian Sweets store window
Elizabeth artisan Belgian Sweets store inside

 I kept walking and after some time, you will see this beautiful building, which means that you have gotten close to the Grand Place.

Glimpse of the Grand Place, Brussels

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