Peripera peri's ink

Besides the Rimmel Provocalips, I recently found another lip product that is supposed to last forever (a whole day that is) and it is called the Peripera peri's ink (9,000 won). It promises to be a tattoo like tint with the staying power similar to ink. It has a very interesting bottle that looks like a bottle of ink that you can find in craft stores. Even though it has a pipette like cap, the inside stores a typical lip gloss wand. The good points are that it is suitable to create gradation lips with (very important in Korea!), it is non-sticky, and it gives your lips a vivid tint that stays up to 8 hours without fading.

Na Eun from the Korean girl group, A Pink wears the Peripera peri's ink in shade no.1 and no. 3 in the promotional pictures. Compared to the Peripera peri's tint water, it gets 5 stars instead of 4 stars in terms of the intensity of the color.    

I personally like shade no.1, no.2, and no. 5 for the color of the bottle, which strangely look very different in the lip picture. 

New packaging for the Peripera peri's tint water, crayon, and marker

Not only does the Peripera peri's ink have a black-based packaging, the Peripera peri's tint water, crayon, and marker also got a complete make-over with black as the main component. You can find pictures of the older packaging over here. I think that the company suddenly started to like the chicness that black exudes, so they incorporated that in every product's packaging. I personally believe that the Peripera peri's tint water got the greatest improvement. I really like the cute, graffiti or painted words in the same color as the lip tint as a background to the cartoon figure. 

I also like that they replaced the rather cheap looking, transparent plastic caps of the Peripera peri's tint crayon with sturdy looking, colorful caps in the same color as the lip crayon. The tip of the Peripera peri's tint crayon changed from a crayon tip to a wide and flattened tip. I think you can now color your lips with it in a few sweeps, much less time consuming than before. The Peripera peri's tint marker doesn't seem to have changed a lot, with the largest change being a black tube instead of a light beige and a smaller cartoon figure.

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