Chocolates haul from Brussels

In my "Easter brunch" blog post, I have already shown you a sneak peek of the chocolates that I bought during my day trip in Brussels. Today, I will properly show you what I brought back from Brussels. It isn't a lot, since I don't really need any more clothes or cosmetics at the moment. I mainly went to Brussels to walk around and eat. I seriously needed some time off and to relax a bit. Since Belgium is famous for their chocolate, I had to get some. As it turned out, there is chocolate in everything that I bought. ^_^  

chocolates haul from Brussels: Corné Port-Royal truffles and bonbons, pralines, delhaize fruit cake and chocolate cookies

  • From the Corné Port-Royal store in the Les Galeries Royales Saint Hubert: I bought a box of assorted truffles (€16.90, 360 g) and an Easter box of chocolate bonbons with (€11.25, 235 g). It is the first chocolate store that I entered and I just bought so much at once that it wouldn't be wise to buy more at the other stores. The chocolates are hand-made, so I think it is better to eat them as fast as possible.
  • From a chocolate souvenir store near Manneken Pis: I bought a set of 5 boxes of chocolate pralines (€10). I don't think it is a bargain, as I can easily buy a simple box of Belgian chocolates in the Netherlands for €1 - €2, but I haven't seen any like these with a soft center before, so I bought a set to try out. There are 5 different flavors: strawberry, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, and orange. Only the box with pralines with a hazelnut filling has a brown box, the rest have a white box.  
  • From a Delhaize supermarket: I bought a box of Delhaize Fruit cake - Cherry (€0.99) and a box of 365 - Delhaize Chocolate Chip cookies (€0.99). The prices in the Delhaize supermarket is higher than what I am used to in the Netherlands, but these cookies are from the supermarket brands and thus more affordable.

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