Recipe: red bean ice cream sundae

When I am feeling extremely bad, the only thing that can cheer me up is a nice ice cream sundae. I was once surprised with a huge chocolate sundae that was almost as tall as me. It really is an unforgettable memory. I also really like Asian desserts that have red beans in them. I haven't been able to find good, already cooked red beans here in the supermarkets, so I need to make them myself and it takes quite a long time. So, you are very lucky if you can just find it in the supermarkets.  

Recipe: red bean ice cream sundae

What you need for the red bean ice cream sundae

- cooked, soft red beans with sugar in it (preferably still with beans shape and not a paste)
- red bean ice cream (but as it isn't that easy to buy, I used a strawberry ice cream)
- vanilla ice cream
- chocolate chip cookies (smashed to crumbs)
- whip cream
- chocolate decoration

I started with a layer of strawberry ice cream and then, I added 3 table spoons of cooked red beans. On top of that, I placed a layer of vanilla ice cream and a handful of chocolate chip cookie crumbs. As a final touch, some whip cream and a chocolate truffle as decoration.

The chocolate cookie crumbs actually taste better when they are a bit moist from the ice cream, so even if they are put in a lower layer, it should be fine.

Note: It is quite tricky to place the ice cream in there without smearing the wall of the glass and to be fast enough for the ice cream to not totally melt. So, it is better to use a wider glass.

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