Review: LUSH Santa's Lipscrub

I had already bought the LUSH Santa's Lipscrub a long time ago, but I only found the time to write the review today. You may have seen it on my blog, when I shared my first LUSH Christmas purchases (which reminds me that I have even more LUSH products reviews that I need to write). But let's see what I think of the LUSH Santa's Lipscrub first.

Review: LUSH Santa's Lipscrub

I have always wanted to try the LUSH lip scrubs as they have the most delicious flavors such as popcorn and bubblegum, but the high price and the fact that I dislike lip products that I need to apply with my fingers, kept me from buying one. However, when I tried the LUSH Santa's Lipscrub in the store, I was sold. The cute, edible red hearts and delicious cherry-cola flavor won me over.

LUSH Santa's Lipscrub (opened jar): red hearts jelly and sugar

What do I think?

The LUSH Santa's lipscrub is quite dense, so you need to take a bit out first and spread it between your thumb and index finger first before you apply it on your moist lips. This also helps melting the sugar. After trying it out a few times by rubbing it quite hard on my lips and for a short time, it didn't really do much for my lips. I figured out that you get the best results by gently rubbing the lipscrub on your lips for 15 minutes. By doing that, you get soft and rosy lips because of the increased blood circulation.

Review: LUSH Santa's Lipscrub | scrubbing and after pictures of lips

Personally, I think that the LUSH lip scrubs aren't really suitable for me. Although I thought that the cute red hearts and cherry-cola flavor would persuade me to take care of my lips more, I didn't finish the whole jar by the time it expired, which is after one whole year. You really need to take the time for it and with my busy lifestyle, I just forget to scrub my lips every now and then. It is also quite a hassle as your fingers and the whole lips area get sticky from the melted, red-colored sugar bits. My lips is also the kind that gets thicker dry skin, so I prefer using lip products that soften the skin, so that it peels off better, like the Benefit Chachabalm and Benefit Posiebalm that I own.

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