HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Gifts

I was really impressed by the gifts ("blijmakers") that was shown at last year's HEMA press event and the diversity in gift wrapping products. This year, the amount of new product releases lessened, but I still found some cool gifts and gift wrapping products. I think that the best gifts are the ones that have a personal touch (you made it yourself, you picked it out yourself according to what you think the other would like - the ultimate test to find out how good you know each other -, or at least wrapped it yourself) and things that you want to have, but you think that it is too-pricey-to-spoil-yourself-with/too-useless-but-fun/not-practical-but-amusing.

HEMA Make & Bake confetti choc and Easter choc jars

For the bakers

HEMA already has two versions of the cute Make & Bake jars (DIY cookies, only need to add butter and/or an egg yolk): chocolate chip and confetti choc. For Easter, there will be a special limited edition Easter choc version with a cute Easter sticker label (€4.50 per jar). I actually like how the confetti choc cookies look more as they are more colorful than just having yellow chocolates (I thought they were pistachios!), but it could look nice if your Easter table has a yellow theme. You can just add a mixing bowl and some other baking tools to create a baking gift set.

HEMA Make & Bake confetti choc and Easter choc jars kitchen utensils
HEMA Make & Bake confetti choc and Easter choc jars cookies DIY

For fun photographers

The Fujifilm instax cameras aren't really the camera's to get if you want super high quality pictures, but it has a fun factor and it brings people together. You can just take pictures at a party and give them to the friends you just met. You can even walk up to a guy you like (with the excuse of testing your new camera) and take a picture together (or 2, one for him and one for you to keep). While you are pretending to scribble something on the polaroid, you can secretly leave your phone number or email address. ^_~

HEMA Fujifilm Instax mini 8 in pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, black, white
Fujifilm instax mini 8 in pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, black, white

HEMA Fujifilm instax wide 300 and mini 70
 Fujifilm instax wide 300 (the bigger black one) and instax mini 70 in yellow, white, & blue

 For the coffee lovers

I don't have much knowledge about coffee, but I know that a lot of people like making their own coffee instead of drinking instant coffee or the standard ones coming out of a vending machine. I am not sure what's inside the HEMA make your own coffee capsule starter kit and refill box, but it seems to me that you are able to put your own coffee in a capsule.

HEMA make your own coffee capsules starter kit and refill box

For the girly iPhone users

When I saw these hard case mobile phone cases with moving glitters (€6), I really wanted to put them on my wish list, but they are only for iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6 (which I don't have). Online, I also discovered a soft case iPhone 5/5S case with a red HEMA Long Lasting nail polish picture on it (just as cool as the Chanel nail polish cases, also €6).  

For the fashionable gadget freaks

When you own a lot of electronic devices and gadgets such as a camera, mobile phone, and tablet, you always tend to forget to charge one of them, resulting to having an empty battery, when you need it the most.

HEMA now has an USB charger (use the USB entrance to charge directly from an electricity socket, normally you often charge from your computer or laptop), a portable power bank (charge devices from the power bank, great for when you are outdoors & far from an electricity socket), and an USB charging cable in different colors and prints. I think you can guess that I really like the ones in turquoise and coral.

In the pictures underneath, you can also spot cute HEMA patches (just gift someone a white t-shirt or a denim jacket, add a handful of patches, and let their creativity do the work) and a candle in a pretty glass and gift box, which are also nice gifts.
 HEMA USB charger USB power bank charging cable turquoise clothing patches

HEMA USB charger USB power bank charging cable pink

For the mad scientists ^_^

I really like mixing things together (that's why I like cooking) and I also dreamed of having a secret laboratory like the cartoon character, Dexter, when I was younger. I didn't become a scientist, but I can still make this dream come true. With the HEMA items (erlenmeyer flask, glass bell, and brown glassed shower gels) that you can see underneath, you can turn any random corner of your room into a laboratory. 

HEMA glass erlenmeyer flasks glass bell and shower gels in brown glass bottles

Items to wrap the gifts with

Cute and pretty wrapping paper is hard to come by and I think gifts will become extra special, wrapped in these flower, heart, and striped print wrapping paper.

HEMA wrapping paper flower, heart, stripes print

The recycled paper look wrapping paper didn't seem as nice at first glance, but the example gifts in the back look very pretty. The striped black and white string stands out a lot more with the plain brown wrapping paper.

HEMA brown recycled paper wrapping paper mini gift boxes

In the picture above, you could already spot a set of 4 mini gift boxes in brown and black print, but I like the mini gift boxes underneath more. The pastel colors make it look extra festive. The larger pink gift box with black polkadots is really pretty too.

HEMA mini gift boxes pastel pink polkadot stripes

Treat boxes

For children's parties, it is great to have these cute treat boxes. The picture on the packaging suggests to put grapes, marshmallows, or popcorn in them, but you can also put small toys in them or dried fruit, nuts, vegetable chips, prawn crackers, etc. The possibilities are endless.  

HEMA animal treat boxes

HEMA animal treat bags

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