Review: Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs (9 flavors)

Last weekend, I visited the Albert Heijn in the basement of the Markthal and when I saw that you can fill a transparent box (in two sizes) with the chocolate eggs of your choice, I couldn't resist. I know I already tested 15 flavors for the big HEMA Easter chocolate eggs review, but the Chocodelice chocolate eggs looked so pretty that I had to take them home. I think it is already very good of myself that I bought the small box (about €4) instead of the large box (about €7).   
 Review: Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs (9 flavors)

There were 12 flavors in total, but I left out the standard milk, white, and dark chocolate eggs, and choose for the rest of the chocolate eggs with interesting fillings instead.

Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs white strawberry white tiramisu ganache white almond ganache

Dark pink
White chocolate strawberry
Rich white chocolate flavor (but not as buttery as the HEMA white chocolate eggs that I tasted before) and a gooey strawberry filling. The light sourness of the strawberry filling makes the white chocolate not too overly sweet. The strawberry filling doesn't taste very artificial. I like it a lot.

White chocolate Tiramisu ganache
White chocolate egg with a coffee paste filling and a faint alcohol end note. I am not too impressed by it.

White chocolate Almond praline
White chocolate egg with a velvety smooth praline with a faint roasted almond end note. You don't taste the almond throughout the praline, but you do taste it when most of the chocolate has melted and just a little bit is left in your mouth.

Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs dark walnut praline milk chocolate crispy milk pistachio fondant

Dark chocolate walnut praline (hazelnut praline with walnut aroma)
The dark chocolate is quite overpowering. It doesn't have much sour tones and it is mostly, just bitter. I cannot really taste the walnut because of that.

Milk chocolate crispy
The milk chocolate is not good or bad, just okay. It has very tiny rice crispies in the hazelnut praline. I like how airy and light it is. 

Mint green
Green colored white chocolate with Pistachio fondant
I really like the combination of pistachio and white chocolate. The pistachio flavor lasts a bit short in the mouth. It is overpowered by the large amount of sweet white chocolate that you taste later on, but the clearly distinguishable pistachio fondant tastes very good. 

Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs white amaretto ganache milk caramel pecan nuts dark cherry ganache

Light brown
Milk chocolate amaretto ganache
Milk chocolate egg with a ganache that has a faint amaretto (alcohol) flavor. I like the rich flavors that it has, very well done.

Milk chocolate caramel pecan nuts
Milk chocolate egg with a caramel paste that has extremely tiny bits of pecan (can't even see them!). The pecan nuts bits are as small as fine coconut shavings that you find on chocolates and desserts. I couldn't really taste them. The caramel paste wasn't very memorable too.

Dark chocolate cherry ganache (cerise-amarena ganache)
I expected something similar to cherry bonbons, but I didn't like it. The dark chocolate made the whole thing very bitter and I couldn't taste the cherry flavor. I actually really like dark chocolate, but it only tasted bitter, I couldn't taste any chocolate aroma.

 What do I think?

My favorites are the white chocolate-strawberry, white chocolate-almond praline, and white chocolate-pistachio fondant. Although not extremely special, the milk chocolate crispy is also worth a mention.

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