Review: ice cream from De IJssalon in the Markthal, Rotterdam

Last Saturday, I went shopping with my brother in the city center of Rotterdam and I managed to make him spend a few hundred euro on clothing, which I picked out for him (and he is someone who normally doesn't like to buy clothes). I really think I should consider a second career as a stylist.

I don't know why but I find men's clothing more interesting than women's clothing. I guess it has something to do with the cool and manly vibe that it has, which contrasts with my girly fashion taste. I often buy clothing for my brother and little brother, while I am shopping for myself anyway, and it always seems to suit their tastes. My dad is more of a fashionista than I am, since he had a part-time job in a suit store, when he was young, so I have never bought a clothing piece for him before (except for the neck tie that I gifted him when I was twelve). I also like shopping with my mom, not only because she regularly offers to pay for my purchases, but it is also a fun challenge for me to make my mom wear more fashionable prints and colors.

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For my hard work, my brother treated me to ice cream from De IJssalon in the Markthal. De IJssalon is one of the most famous ice cream parlors in Rotterdam and together with the Capri ice cream parlor, it is my two favorite places in Rotterdam to get ice cream. For €2.40, you can get two scoops of ice cream. I was really tempted to get three scoops for €3, but I already needed to pay an extra supplement of €0.50 for the pistachio flavor, so I decided to just choose two flavors: pistachio and Oreo cookies. The pistachio ice cream was well worth paying the extra fee, as it was full of pistachio flavor (very nutty, instead of lemony, fresh). The Oreo cookies ice cream was delicious, but it tasted too much like normal cookies and cream ice cream (there was only a little hint of the distinct Oreo cookie flavor). I also really liked the thin round, crunchy waffle you get for free when you choose for the ice cream cup instead of the ice cream cone. 

If you don't like the limited amount of flavors (I think only 12 or something) that is available in their Markthal shop, you might want to visit their larger ice cream parlor at Meent 69A, which is just a short walk away from the Markthal.

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