What I bought at the Søstrene grene store in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I had mentioned before that a Søstrene grene store would open in Rotterdam and not too long after the opening, I paid it a visit. The store is not very big, but they have managed to utilize every inch of store space to showcase a lot of pretty things. It feels a bit like visiting the IKEA, since they have created a walking path through the whole store and along the way, you just keep seeing things that you want to buy. Keep reading to find out what I bought at the Søstrene grene store store.

Søstrene grene store in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I really like drawing and with the coloring books for adults trend, I just couldn't leave without these beautiful color markers (18 markers, €2.79).

Søstrene grene anna & claras tusser colour pens €2.79 18 markers

I have always wanted to try one of these scalp massagers (€1.69) and it may be cheaper if I bought it online, but it was mainly an impulse buy and I might have not gotten it if I saw it online. Also, the toothbrushes looked so cute because of the packaging and with the price of just €0.57 each, I just bought two without much thinking.

Søstrene grene scalp massager €1.69 pink and blue toothbrush €0.57

I have seen these pretty rose gold/copper clothes hangers a lot on Pinterest and Instagram and I have always wondered where they got them. I could have just asked them, but I was too shy. Luckily, I stumbled on one in the Søstrene grene store, for €1.22. I bought only one to check if it has good quality, before I decide to buy a lot more. I also saw these in a silver color for just €0.19, but it didn't look a beautiful as this one. 

Søstrene grene rose gold copper clothes hanger €1.22

I like drinking loose green tea and I am starting to get annoyed with the small, metal tea egg, which is such an hassle to clean. I had bought a small sieve at the Flying Tiger store to replace it, but it doesn't fit on my tea pot. I found these long paper tea filters (€1.78) that I had also seen, when I ordered a glass of green tea at New Fork, a lunchroom in Rotterdam (I can really recommend the green tea there and the delicious sandwiches and baguettes).

For small pieces of fruit and canapés, these colorful plastic forks (12 pieces, €0.97) would be great to have.

Søstrene grene paper tea filters €1.78 colorful canapé sticks €0.97

Close to the exit of the store, I found a lot of different kinds of loose tea that you could fill a bag with yourself for €1.18 per bag. They smelled really good. I thought about getting the Baileys black tea and the mango flavor, but I bought the sencha lemon and sencha rhubarb instead, as it is the safest bet. I prefer green teas over black tea any day, although there are some exceptions. 

Søstrene grene sencha lemon rhubarb loose tea €1.18 per bag fill-it-yourself

At the cash registers, you can find many woven tote bags and shoe bags in different colors. These shoe bags (28x38cm, €0.72) are great for when I go on vacation. I got one in baby blue and one in turquoise.

Søstrene grene baby blue turquoise woven shoe bags €0.72 each 28x38cm

Lastly, I couldn't pass the sweet smelling candy section without getting some. I bought an Anna and Clara strawberry stick (in Dutch: aardbeistok) and summer stick (in Dutch: Zomerstok) for €0.73 each. The strawberry stick didn't have a soft filling and it had such a strange taste that I couldn't even finish it.The summer stick was a lot better with a soft (lemon?) center and a chewy strawberry exterior. It isn't the best I had, as I prefer the flavors to be more outspoken. The strawberry was too bland and the center wasn't sour enough.

Søstrene grene Anna and Clara strawberry stick (in Dutch: aardbeistok) and summer stick (in Dutch: Zomerstok) for €0.73 each

Lastly, there were a lot of colorful lollipops that you can choose from (for just €0.08 each) and I bought one with a lime flavor and one with a rainbow flavor, which tasted like a tropical candy flavor. I really liked it and they would be a great treat for children (and the boyfriends and husbands with a sweet tooth) who needed (or were forced!) to accompany you, while you spend so much time in the store. 

Søstrene grene lollipops lime tropical rainbow €0.08 each

The Søstrene grene store regularly adds new items and make changes to their interior, so you will always be surprised when you decide to walk in.

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