Markthal Rotterdam World Food Day tour - part 1

On World Food Day (16 October), there were many activities held in Rotterdam and I attended one of them, the "Taste the world" tour through the Markthal. Last time, I went on a mini tour already during the Wah Nam Hong 2nd food bloggers event and it was fun to find out more about the background story of the individual shops. That's why I was very excited to get the opportunity to discover more shops in the Markthal. There were too many pictures and stories to put in one blog post, so I divided it in three. This first part will be about the shops InfiniTea, Groente en fruit paradijs, and Amy's frozen yoghurt.    

InfiniTea markthal netherlands dream of Rotterdam tea tasting


At InfiniTea, you can buy all kinds of loose tea, water bottles, tea sets and accessories, and postcards. You can also order a tea to go and the iced matcha latte is really tempting. I got to taste a small cup of the "Dream of Rotterdam" tea and it is a black tea with fruit bits. It is supposed to be good for the mouth hygiene, metabolism, bones, and vitality. The tea had a mild flavor with hints of fruit. It also cleansed the palette really well. It is a perfect tea for after a dinner with strong flavors, such as garlic or curry. I was also impressed by the tea making machine, that was used to make the tea. A glass bottle was filled with water and put upside down on top and after the water came down within seconds, the tea was made.   

Groente en fruit paradijs

Groente en fruit paradijs

Next, we all went to the Groente en fruit paradijs, which is a large vegetable and fruit shop with low prices, comparable to the market stalls outside on every Tuesday and Saturday. The tour was guided by Carin Leenders (from Passion for food), who you can see in the right of the picture above, wearing a beautiful yellow coat. She told us a lot about food waste and how to use leftovers and soon to be spoiled food, instead of throwing it away. It was also "no waste" weekend at the Markthal, featuring cooking demonstrations by Jamila Winwood, so it fit with the theme.

Amy's frozen yoghurt markthal Rotterdam Netherlands

 Amy's Frozen yoghurt

Amy's Frozen yoghurt was also one of the shops that we visited. I got to try a small cup of their regular (not frozen) yoghurt with bits of dried cranberries and mini milk chocolate chips (crunchy and very tasty!). The yoghurt wasn't too sour or too thick. I think it would suit most people. I prefer it to be a bit more tart, but I liked the texture. It was light and not too heavy on the stomach.  

frozen and normal yoghurt at Amy's frozen yoghurt markthal Rotterdam Netherlands

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