Easter baking: carrot cake, matcha cake, and brownie

Since I had so much free time on my hands during Easter, I decided to do some baking (you might have seen it on my Instagram account already). I just don't know how to sit still and do nothing, but it is a form of therapy for me. So, that makes it okay. At home, I found some boxes of cake mix and brownie mix and it was about time that I made them. I am seriously not an experienced baker, so I was really excited when everything turned out well.

Easter baking carrot cake matcha cake brownie

I first started with the cake mix that you can buy at the Aldi supermarket.

carrot cake orange stripe

Albona bakmix voor fijne cake (Aldi supermarket, 400 g, €0.59)

With this cake mix, you can make a fine textured and airy cake. To get the beautiful, bright orange stripe, I added a layer of finely grated, fresh carrot in the middle. I think I saw something like this before in the Albert Heijn supermarket magazine, Allerhande, but I didn't have the recipe anymore. I am not sure if this is how that was done, but it turned out very nice. The carrot softened and turned into a mash, which had the texture of a soft cream. The carrot flavor wasn't too strong, but you could still taste a hint of it. I also sprinkled some crunchy walnuts on top of the cake before baking, as it would probably taste good with the carrot. I think even children would have loved it. I know how hard it is to get them to eat more vegetables. So, a glass of milk and a slice of this cake would be a great after-school snack.

carrot cake orange stripe close up

After pouring the cake batter in the cake mold, I still had some left, so I made a green tea matcha cake too. I added two tea spoons of sugared matcha powder and it tasted quite good. But as a true green tea fanatic, the green tea flavor was still not strong enough for me. Maybe, I should have added a green tea cream & syrup in the middle or some green tea frosting on top. 

matcha green tea cake

 As there was still some space in the oven, I also made a simple brownie.

brownie chocolate walnuts

Homemade Complete mix voor brownies (Albert Heijn supermarket, 400 g, €1.59)

I used this brownie mix to make it and it was super simple. You only need to add some water to the brownie mix and pour the batter in the carton baking tray, which is included in the box. I only added a handful of walnuts on top to make it look "homemade". This brownie isn't moist or fudgey, but it has an airy and soft cake part and a crispy top layer. Eat it while it is hot, to get the best taste. 

walnuts brownie close up

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