Review: IKEA pepparkaka mandel and coconut balls

Remember that I once mentioned in a blog post that I was really curious about the almond-ginger cookies from IKEA?  Someone happened to need to visit the IKEA recently and kindly brought me a box of that, together with some coconut balls. The cookies are traditionally a Christmas treat, but the IKEA is selling these year round.  

IKEA pepparkaka mandel ginger almond cookies

IKEA ginger almond cookies

Compared to the IKEA ginger cookies that I like a lot, the IKEA pepparkaka mandel cookies (€1.30, 150 g) are a bit thinner, break more easily, and aren't as crunchy. The ginger in it isn't very spicy either. To me, it is neither a good ginger cookie or a good almond cookie. It isn't bad or anything, but it just isn't what I expected. Some might like the subtler flavors and softer crunch. I think these cookie thins are more elegant and refined (perfect for tea parties!), while I was just looking for a homey Christmas feel.

IKEA coconut balls

"Kokosmakronen" (= traditional Dutch cookies) have been around for a long time in the Netherlands, but it has recently made a comeback. I am not sure, but I suspect that the company Madame Cocos has made it hip and happening again. Starting off with a pop-up stand in the Markthal, they now have an own store.

IKEA saw how popular the "Kokosmakronen" are among the Dutch people and they started selling them too. For just €0.50, you get a large coconut ball. It has a thick, crunchy crust on the outside and a soft, moist coconut center. I normally don't like coconut that much, but I really liked it. The balance between the sweetness and the coconut flavor was just right for me.     

IKEA kokosmakronen cocos balls Dutch cookies
IKEA kokosmakronen cocosballs cookies center vulling

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