Review: HEMA red velvet cake

In celebration of HEMA 's 90th anniversary, the company held a country wide cake baking competition and Roos was the one who won with her delicious red velvet cake. The winning cake is now sold in all HEMA stores in the Netherlands and I got to taste it last year at my little brother's birthday.

HEMA red velvet cake cut in slices

It is a three layered red velvet cake (€10, good for 8 persons) with thick layers of cream cheese and sugared cranberries in between. On top, it is decorated with large blueberries and white chocolate curls. Before this, I had only tried red velvet cake twice. The first time I ate it, it was the red velvet cake from Dudok. Then, I discovered that the Aldi supermarket has a red velvet cake in the freezer department too. Compared to those, the red velvet cake from the HEMA is a lot creamier. The cream is the most delicious part of the cake, as it has a nice firmness and a savory sweet flavor. I find everything of the cake quite good. There is enough cream and the combination of the sour-sweet blueberries and sweet white chocolate is well chosen. The red color of the cake layers look amazing too. I am not sure if it is because the HEMA tends to make the pre-ordered cakes well ahead of time or that it is supposed to be this way, but the cake layers were a bit on the dry side. If it was only a bit airier or moister, it would have been perfect.

HEMA red velvet cake slice
HEMA red velvet cake slice backside

#throwback: my birthday cake in 2013

While I was browsing through the old pictures on my computer, I found some old pictures of my birthday cake in 2013. I had never put it on my blog (too embarrassed maybe?), but the heck with that, as I had told myself to care less about what other people think. It is also a good thing to just show people your vulnerable side and let them know that not everyone is perfect. It is okay to be bad at things and make mistakes.

decorated HEMA whip cream cake chocolates

It is a normal HEMA whipped cream cake, which I have decorated with chocolate shapes that I made myself. Back then, I ordered some chocolate making supplies from Gmarket and this was my first attempt. I made chocolate letters forming my name "Michelle", a ballerina head, a smiley face, a smiling cloud and heart, a dog paw, a little star and heart, and a rose. I also cut up some sweet orange slices and placed them on the left like Japanese fans. It is actually not that bad. The color of the chocolates just made them look like toys and fit for a toddler.

I don't know why I make it so difficult for myself, but after making the chocolates, I also made a table filled with sushi. I made futo maki rolls with raw salmon, cucumber, omelet, and shrimps. It was very yummy!

futo maki sushi salmon shrimp cucumber omelet egg

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