The Chicken Big Mac from McDonalds Netherlands

The Big Mac is one of my favorite burgers at the McDonalds. It is mainly because of the special secret sauce. I found a Youtube video from McDonalds Canada, which teaches you how to make it. I heard you can also buy bottles of Big Mac sauce in the Canadian grocery stores since this year. To celebrate its 50 year's anniversary, McDonalds Netherlands introduced the Chicken Big Mac with crispy, fried chicken patties. 

McDonalds Chicken Big Mac Netherlands packaging

Just like the Big Mac, the Chicken Big Mac has the three layers of burger bun, the special Big Mac sauce, the slice of cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, onions, and pickles. Sadly, I didn't really like it. The chicken patties were crispy and the meat was tender, but I feel that they were lacking in flavor. They could have used some chili powder or pepper to spice it up a bit. The Big Mac sauce also didn't really match with the lean chicken meat, as the sauce is supposed to cut through the grease from the hamburger patties. But it was nice to try something new.   

McDonalds Chicken Big Mac Netherlands

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