Mingle Mush food court in The Hague

I have always liked food courts, which I could find almost everywhere during my trips in Asia. What's not to like about finding a diversity of cuisines and different kinds of food in one place? I don't know why, but I used to be unable to find one decent food court here in the Netherlands. That's why I was really happy to see that food courts have become the new trend here. Besides the Food Hallen in Amsterdam and the Markthal in Rotterdam, there is also the recently opened Mingle Mush in The Hague. I think that the name is a loose translation of the typical Dutch word "mengelmoes" (which means a mix of different things) to English and the food court is of course also an excellent place for people to "mingle".

I have visited the Mingle Mush and I took many pictures (see photo slider), but I have yet to try something to eat at one of the 15 food stands or something to drink at the 3 bars. The food and drinks seem to be mainly targeted to office workers who like to have a quick lunch and to have (alcoholic) drinks and snacks after work. However, the cool arcade hall on the first floor did catch my attention.     

Mingle Mush (official website)
Anna van Buerenplein 712
2595DK Den Haag

Directions: It is a short walk from The Hague train station, literally right next door. Take the exit on the opposite side of the exit that takes you to The Hague city center. You will find the Mingle Mush opposite to the Babylon shopping mall.   

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