Discoveries in Rotterdam: Rotterdam Uitdagen and Korean cosmetics

Last Sunday, I was in Rotterdam city center and I caught a glimpse of the Rotterdam Uitdagen. During shopping, I also discovered that I could buy some Korean cosmetics products in a store now too and not just online. 

Rotterdam Uitdagen

The Rotterdam Uitdagen is a two day cultural event (9 and 10 Sept), in which many activities, workshops, and musical and dance performances are planned throughout the city to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect in the coming cultural season. Arminius, a Rotterdam debating center, co-hosted this surprise mini Ferris wheel, which was opened on Sunday from 11:00-17:00. It was located on the corner of the streets, Mauritsweg and Kruisplein and near the Schouwburgplein. It encourages you to sit next to someone you have never met and have deep conversations. You could also be surprised by a writer who recites pieces from his book, a singer who suddenly performs in front of you, or getting a class in something that you have never imagined.    

Arminius surprise ferris wheel kruisplein mauritsweg Rotterdam Uitdagen

Korean cosmetics at TK Maxx

I already found one or two pieces of Korean cosmetics in the cosmetic bins before at the TK Maxx in Rotterdam, but now, there is a whole display filled with Korean cosmetics products. For now, it is mainly face washes and hand creams from brands such as Tony Moly, too cool for school, and the Face Shop, but I hope it becomes a trend here in the Netherlands and more products will become available. I checked the prices and even though, it is supposed to be heavily discounted (TK Maxx is known for that), it is still more expensive than the retail prices in South Korea. But if you really want something and cannot wait for it to ship to you from the other side of the world and if you are an impulse buyer who is a sucker for cute packaging, the slightly higher prices would not be a problem for you.   

Korean cosmetics TK Maxx Too Cool for School The Face Shop Tony Moly hand cream face wash

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