Marks & Spencer vanilla & blackcurrant cake and lemon curd bakes

If you are on diet, I am sorry to post so many delicious food from Marks & Spencer in a row, but I think I only have 2 or 3 more articles planned, so bear with me. Today, my review is about a nice vanilla & blackcurrant cake and a lemon tart.

Marks & Spencer vanilla & blackcurrant cake

Marks & Spencer vanilla & blackcurrant cake

Vanilla and brown sugar cake, made with white spelt and rye flours, topped with vanilla and blackcurrant cream cheese frostings.

I think this cake was from the gluten free range and it was made with spelt and rye flours (no wheat). The cake is enough for four servings. You are supposed to slice the cake in square cubes (as in the picture on the side of the box), but I divided it in thin slices. I wasn't sure if the fully purple blackcurrant cream cheese frosting rosettes on the right of the cake was going to taste good or bad, but at least, each of us got an equal share of that. I didn't regret that decision as the blackcurrant cream cheese frosting was a bit sour (in a good way) and the sweet, yellow vanilla cream cheese frosting was needed to balance the whole thing. Otherwise, some pieces of cake would be lacking in tartness from the blueberry flavor and some pieces would be too sour. I started with a bite of cake with the fully purple rosette on top and followed that, with bites of cake with the sweeter cream cheese frostings. The strong blueberry flavor lingered in my mouth. Although the cake doesn't taste as good as normal cakes (a bit dry and bland, almost like brown bread), the rich flavored cream cheese frostings on top makes up for that.      

Marks & Spencer vanilla & blackcurrant cake slice

 Marks & Spencer lemon curd bakes

 Marks & Spencer lemon curd bakes (a pack of four)

A butter rich shortcrust pastry tart with a layer of lemon curd, topped with a moist madeira sponge and finished with tangy lemon drizzle. 

I like buttery tarts and anything with lemon in it, so it was strange that I wasn't hooked on this, just like with the white chocolate & Sicilian lemon cookies that I reviewed earlier. I like the different elements: the buttery crust, the layer of lemon curd, and the moist sponge cake. But together, the flavors just didn't blow me away. It was good, but I didn't feel the urge to buy it again.

Marks & Spencer lemon curd bakes bite

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