Pop-up city park on Schouwburgplein

From 23 August, you could find the Flying grass carpet, the Giant (3000 m²) on the Schouwburgplein. A place, which is normally cold and industrial, has turned into a green oasis. It is a bit strange that they placed it near the end of the summer, while it could have been great for people to chill on in May, when it started to be hot very early in the year.    

schouwburgplein stadspark pop-up city park Rotterdam Netherlands

On a Sunday afternoon, I found the time to visit it and I chilled on one of the plastic, green lounge chairs for a hour or so. I actually wanted to lay on the faux grass like the others, but without a cushion to support my head, it was hard to look at the screen of my mobile phone (yes, I got a new phone after many years!). My little brother was probably embarrassed by me using my ancient mobile phone in his company and/or annoyed that I keep asking him to look things up in Google maps for me, when I am lost. I don't like talking on the phone that much and I hate being reachable/online at all times, so I never really bothered buying a new phone. But he planned to order one online, so I just tagged along and got one too. I feared that I would live with my mobile phone stuck to my hand, but it wasn't that bad. I was able to put it away during meals and I actually use my tablet more.

While I was in the neighborhood anyways, I also got some ice cream at Capri. I got cantaloupe melon and hazelnut ice cream. I don't know if it was a bad day, but they both lacked in flavor and were a bit watery. The pistachio and watermelon however, were better than what I can remember. The watermelon ice cream was sweet-sour and refreshing and the pistachio ice cream was rich in flavor. Maybe, it is just me and my bad luck. Because I had also heard from my brother that he saw that Capri IJs ice cream parlor had green tea ice cream around 16 August and when I went that day, - it was before I discovered that De IJssalon had matcha ice cream too - they told me that they didn't have it.  

capri ijs rotterdam cantaloupe melon hazelnut pistachio watermelon

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