Shopping at Ikea Delft

After walking around in Delft and getting some ice cream, I ended the day at the IKEA. I wasn't particularly looking for something, but I always seem to find things that I need. In the store, I discovered this cool, rocking, lounge chair. I have to admit that the size of it and the price tag is what stopped me from buying it.    

IKEA black lounge rocking chair

I saw this OFTAST bowl and flat plate, selling for only €0.49 each, so I bought them both. They are made of tempered glass (durable and extra resistent to impact), they are light, and they make a nice sound when you tap on them. They have become my new fixed meal set and I found many uses for them. During breakfast, I use the bowl for soup or cereal and the plate for a sandwich. During dinner, I use the bowl for rice and the plate for the meat and vegetables. I can also the bowl for salads or pickled vegetables and the plate for fried rice or noodles.
IKEA OFTAST bowl flat plate

At the bathroom products area, I found this TACKAN soap dispenser for €0.50. The transparent part is made of glass and pretty heavy. It looks and feels more expensive than it is. I am currently using it for hand soap in the bathroom.

IKEA TACKAN bathroom glass dispenser

In the kitchen area, I found this large ANNONS pot (5 liter) with a glass lid for €9.99. I just love soup, so this will be put to use very often. I like that it has a glass lid and a liter measurer inside the pot.

IKEA ANNONS pot 5 litre glass lid

IKEA ANNONS pot litre measurer inside

I actually bought more things at the IKEA, such as cutting boards, cover sheets, and led lights, but I just wanted to show you the most interesting items. I think that these four IKEA items are a real bargain, so don't miss out on them! It is especially the case for students who are starting their first year and living on their own.

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