Review: Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box

I bought this box of Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate on one of my first visits to the Marks & Spencer store in Amsterdam. I have never seen such a big box of chocolates in stores and supermarkets in the Netherlands before, so I was really impressed by the giant size of it. Also, it was on one of those occasions that you just want to splurge on something nice that you would normally not consider buying.

Review Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box

When you open the box, this is what you would see.

Review Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box opened

I have personally tasted all of the twelve flavors and I will shortly tell you what I think of them.

Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box bonbons reviewed part 1

From left to right:

White lemon mousse

When I read the description, I thought it would have a soft and airy mousse filling, but it has a rather firm, creamy filling. The lemon flavor is not too sour and it has a velvety texture. I think this is the most special chocolate bonbon in the box. I have eaten a lot of chocolate and this is the first time I tasted a white chocolate with lemon filling bonbon.

 Soft Caramel

This milk chocolate bonbon has a very soft and gooey caramel filling, which is not too sweet. I think a hint of sea salt would have taken in to another level.

Turkish Delight

When I bit into the bonbon, I was surprised to discover that it was a dome shaped piece of Turkish delight with only a very thin layer of milk chocolate. The Turkish delight has a rose flavor and it has the texture of a firmer jelly candy. It wasn't one of my favorites.  

Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box bonbons reviewed part 2

Milk Chocolate Truffle

It has a chocolate truffle paste filling, but to me, it tasted like a ordinary chocolate paste. I cannot really tell what the difference would be. But it tasted nice.

Caramel Fudge 

This one was sweeter than the previous Soft caramel bonbon and to me, it was like a sugar bomb. But it did taste a bit like fudge.

Biscuit in caramel 

I couldn't find much biscuit in this bonbon, but I think the biscuit is the tiny, white and not very, crunchy pearls in the top part. The caramel tasted nice, but the biscuit didn't have any added value.

Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box bonbons reviewed part 3


This bonbon has a cappuccino infused cream with a double layer of white and dark chocolate. The coffee flavor could be a bit stronger, but I really like the two different layers of chocolate. It is quite a novel idea. 

Honeycomb Fudge

There are some hard and crunchy bits of honeycomb in the firm fudge filling. Don't eat this if you have weak teeth.

Strawberry crème   

It has a soft and milky cream filling with a sweet strawberry jam center. It is a bit too sweet for me, but the dark chocolate balances it a bit. 

Marks & Spencer Milk Dark White Chocolate Box bonbons reviewed part 4

Milk Chocolate Toffee

It didn't look that way, but the toffee center is very hard. I almost hurt my teeth, when I took a bite of it. It is better to just let the toffee melt in your mouth. It takes quite long for you to finish it, but I quite like the toffee flavor, which is fragrant, and it isn't too sweet.

Dark chocolate truffle

This one tastes better than the previous milk chocolate truffle bonbon, as I can actually taste the difference between the outer layer and the filling. I also like the dark chocolate flavor.

Milk & Dark

This is the second time that I almost hurt my teeth, while biting into it. It is just a solid piece of chocolate, with a half part made of dark chocolate and a half part made of milk chocolate. The individual chocolate flavors are quite nice, but the flavors don't really blend with each other. 

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