Review: Marks & Spencer sunken blueberry and lemon cheesecake

While I went through all my Marks & Spencer food pictures to write the reviews that I am planning to finish (no more procrastination!), I found some pictures of the first cheesecake that I bought there. I was pretty shocked that it dates back to 2014 (don't get me started on the thousands of travel pictures that I still need to sort out and I haven't even looked at the recent vacation pictures yet). It is a bit overwhelming, but I have more free time now and my health has improved a bit, so let's see how far my willpower will take me.   

Marks & Spencer sunken blueberry and lemon cheesecake box packaging

Because this was the first time I bought a cheesecake from Marks & Spencer, I didn't read the instructions on the box and I didn't know that I was supposed to push the cake out of the plastic container first. I clumsily tried to lift a slice out of the container and the whole cake base became one big mess (as can be seen in the picture underneath).

Review Marks & Spencer sunken blueberry and lemon cheesecake a slice

A creamy baked Madagascan vanilla cheesecake with a sunken centre of blueberries and hidden pockets of lemon sauce on a digestive biscuit base.

What I like about the cheesecake is that it is very soft and creamy, but not too heavy on the stomach. The lemon pockets have a nice lemon flavor, which isn't too sweet or too sour. The blueberry jam was flavorful and sweet. But it was a bit too much to have both flavors in such a small cheesecake. Only blueberry jam or only lemon sauce would have been okay already. 

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