Tony Moly products in Douglas stores in the Netherlands!

I still remember how surprised I was when I found out that they started to sell Korean cosmetics and skincare at the Sephora and Urbanoutfitters years ago. More recently, I also found Korean cosmetics and skincare products at the local TKMaxx store in Rotterdam. However, it was still kind of small scale, but you need to start somewhere, right?

Today, I have some joyful news to share with my readers living in the Netherlands or in nearby European countries, as the skincare, perfumes, and cosmetics chain store, Douglas, has introduced Tony Moly, a Korean beauty brand, as their new addition to their offering. At the moment, I have only looked in their online store and I could only find 4 products from Tony Moly: the Panda's Dream White hand cream, the Panda's Dream So Cool Eye stick, the Dalcom Banana Pong-Dang Lip Balm, and the Magic Food Banana Hand Milk. The prices are more expensive than the retail price in Korea, but I hope that when they sell more, the price can get lower.

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