Yves Rocher: lip balm - Cherry and planner gift

Since I applied for the Yves Rocher member card, I often get advertisement cards in my mail box enticing me to visit their store more frequently with a new gift after purchase. I normally don't pay it much attention, but a few months ago, I could get a cute planner and a to do list note pad. Those were things that I could actually use on a regular basis, so I headed to the store. I didn't know what to buy, as I don't have many staple products from Yves Rocher that are repeat purchases. At the cash register, I happen to see a box filled with lip balms with a 50% discount, for just €1.45, so I decided to buy one of those.       

Yves Rocher lip balm Cherry planner gift after purchase to do list note pad

The Yves Rocher lip balm comes in 6 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, coconut, and shea butter. They don't only have a nice scent, but some also have a hint of color. I liked the color and the scent of the cherry the most, so I picked that one.

The 2017-2018 year planner has a nice pocket size (14 cm x 10 cm), firm plastic front and end pages, a large and sturdy ring binder, and a pink elastic band. A week page has equal amount of space for each day (not Saturday and Sunday squeezed in one small corner) and each day is divided in hours between 8:00-19:00 (for school and work days). There isn't much space, so you can only write a few words behind the time slot, such as "Date with John", "Dentist appointment", "Check my email", or "Biology class". At the bottom right corner of each week, there is also a small box to write down some notes or short to do lists. It is great for people with a tight schedule, when every hour counts, and people, who have a lot of plans in the weekend.  

The to do list note pad is 12.5 cm x 19 cm and there are quite a lot of pages. I like how it has four different compartments: a to do list, a small notes box, a shopping list, and a urgent! box. While the planner is for school or work, the to do list can be used for your personal life. You can for example write down the tasks you need to complete this week in the to do list. In the notes box, you can write things down, such as phone numbers or birthdays. In the shopping list, the groceries that you need to get or the things you need for a birthday party. In the urgent! box, you can write things as do your taxes, posting the important letter in time, or fixing your cell phone.

I am not sure if you can still get this gift (maybe next year?), but from 20 November - 27 November, there is a Black Friday week (50% discount on all items) at the Yves Rocher website and you can get the lip balm for the same price.


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