Merry Christmas (lights) !

Because I don't like the hassle of carrying a Christmas tree inside my house and cleaning up all the needles that fall off, I have never had a Christmas tree at home. However, I do enjoy the Christmas lights that light up the darker nights in the winter. Today, I will share 5 ways to bring Christmas inside the house without too much hassle. You can also make a DIY project out of it too! 

Yarn light balls in a metal basket

I didn't make the yarn light balls myself, as I bought this light string before you could find all the DIY videos on Youtube. When I opened the box, I discovered that it wasn't exactly a light string, but a light circle and it also isn't battery powered. So, the light string needs to be near a wall socket too. It was so problematic that I left it in a closet, collecting dust. But recently, I bought a metal basket and I used it to store the light string and then, this thought just hit me: I can just keep the yarn light balls in there and plug it in a wall socket nearby. The effect is quite nice!   

 Christmas inspiration ideas decoration Kitch Kitchen yarn ball light string HEMA copper basket
Kitch Kitchen yarn ball light string and HEMA copper basket

Mini Christmas tree

If you want a Christmas tree inside your house and you don't have the space for one or you don't like the hassle of a large, real tree, you can always buy or make a small, table Christmas tree. I bought this wooden mini Christmas tree a few years ago and I still take it out every year. It is just so cute! If you can't buy it somewhere, you can also try to make one yourself. You can use thick paper or cardboard instead of wood. Just cut out two Christmas trees, make it sturdy enough that it can stand, and use a star puncher to create holes in it to hang the decorations in.  

 Christmas inspiration ideas decoration HEMA wooden Christmas tree Primark mini Christmas balls silver small multicolor Christmas balls drink tags Flying Tiger LED light chain multicolor metal balls
HEMA wooden Christmas tree, Primark mini Christmas balls (silver), small multicolor Christmas balls drink tags, and Flying Tiger LED light chain multicolor metal balls

 Light string on the bed posts

If you have a bed with bed posts, you can hang some Christmas lights in it. It creates a really romantic vibe. If you don't have one, you can also stick a light string on the headboard with some tape.   
  Christmas inspiration ideas decoration HEMA multicolor Christmas light string
 HEMA multicolor Christmas light string

Origami lights

I saw this light string with origami paper balls in the store and I really liked the mellow light that it emits. This is how I imagine a holy light to look like. I think that this would look great on the dinner table, although you really need to be careful as it is made of paper. Once again, I didn't make these myself, but you can.

 Christmas inspiration ideas decoration HEMA LED lights warm white paper balls origami
 HEMA LED lights warm white

Lantern light string

This is actually a lantern light string that I bought during the Spring season (similar one shown before over here), but the colorful lanterns look suitable for Christmas too.

 Christmas inspiration ideas decoration HEMA light chain multicolor lantern balls
HEMA light chain with 10 multicolor lantern balls

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