Review: M&S crisps

When I walk through the Marks & Spencer crisps isle, I am always intrigued by the strange and unusual flavor of the crisps. But sadly, after tasting the Lemon harissa crisps, Parmesan, asparagus, & truffle crisps, the vegetable crisps, and the Lobster cocktail crisps, I concluded that I should just stick to the regular and safe flavors. Over time, I tried five more different flavors of crisps from Marks and Spencer. Keep reading to see what I think of them.    

Prawn cocktail hand cooked crisps

I mostly taste a ketchup, vinegar, and onion flavor. Sadly, there is no prawn flavor at all. I think that with the name "prawn cocktail", they meant only the sauce of a prawn cocktail, so minus the actual prawns. I do like that it has real flavors (not too artificial), some potato peels at the edges of the crisps, and a good potato flavor. The crisps aren't very hard, just a tiny bit harder than normal crisps that I can buy at the supermarket. It is not special enough to repurchase.

Marks and Spencer prawn cocktail hand cooked crisps potato chips

Sweet chilli hand cooked crisps

These crisps are like sweet and sour paprika chips with a spicy kick. I find it quite spicy (note: I can barely eat any spicy food), but addicting. Out of all the crisps I tried from Marks & Spencer, I think this one has the strongest flavor. Here and there, I can taste some ground spices such as ginger (taste this the most), coriander, star anise, and cumin. It gives the crisps a strange twist, but it still makes you want to keep eating it.

Marks and Spencer sweet chilli hand cooked crisps potato chips

Scottish langoustines with dill & lemon hand cooked crisps

Others might be scared that it would taste too fishy, but I love seafood, so I quite liked the sound of langoustines crisps. I mainly taste a sour lemon and dill flavor, but you do taste a faint sweetness from prawns and langoustines at the end, if you chew long enough and don't swallow immediately. But even though I can somewhat taste the seafood flavor, I don't think it is very tasty. I just can't get used to a lemon flavor in crisps. The clean and refreshing flavor of the lemon tastes a bit strange opposite the potato.

Marks and Spencer scottish langoustines with dill lemon hand cooked crisps potato chips

Free range chicken mustard & worcester sauce hand cooked crisps

Although the picture of the grilled chickens on the packaging made me drool, I can barely taste any chicken flavor. They are like savory chips without any distinguishable strong flavors. To be more precise, it is similar to a weak chicken soup, but at least, a freshly made one, not the powder in a pack kind.

Marks and Spencer free range chicken mustard worcester sauce hand cooked crisps potato chips

Prawn cocktail shells 

These are prawn cocktail flavored tapioca snacks. The sourness in the flavoring makes it a bit addicting as you want to keep eating it, but the tapioca snacks by itself taste a bit bland. I do like the cute sakura flower shape of the snacks. 

Marks and Spencer prawn cocktail shells

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