How to make red bean matcha green tea ice cream (+YouTube video)

After making the spicy pumpkin coconut soup and the T-bone steak, it is finally time for dessert. I just love ice cream and even though, I got a Krups ice cream machine for my birthday, I have barely used it. It just takes so much time to prepare that it is easier to buy some in the supermarket. But since I crave for green tea ice cream with red beans every once in a while and I cannot really buy it at ice cream shops and at the supermarket, unless I go to an Asian supermarket and pay exorbitant prices for it, I thought I should give it a try in making it myself.

What you need for the red bean matcha green tea ice cream

The recipe for the ice cream base is from the booklet that came with the Krups ice cream machine. For that you need:

- 250 ml full fat milk (35% fat)
- 100 g sugar
- 2 eggs
- 450 g cream (30% fat)

The ingredients that I added to that is:

- The green tea powder is from a bag of Miyako tea Matcha latte, which you can order online.
- The red beans are from a can of ready to eat Amaizin organic aduki beans, which I bought at the biological supermarket. Red beans are really hard to cook perfectly. Especially, if you want the red beans to hold their shape and have a soft center. That's why I thought that this can of red beans would save me a lot of trouble and time. But after tasting one, I found out that they were seasoned with salt. I kind of saved it by sprinkling a few spoons of sugar over them and let it become a bit sweeter. In the video, I put the red beans in the ice cream machine, but I think it is better to just mix them through the soft ice cream, after the ice cream machine is done, and before you freeze it in the freezer. The moisture in the red beans made the ice cream mixture watery again and it took the ice cream machine longer to finish. Or even better, mix the red beans in the ice cream, when you serve it, to keep the soft texture.

The different elements on the Valentine's day dessert plate:

Valentine's day dessert plate green tea ice cream red beans choux cream mint chocolate sticks aldi partygebak albert heijn tompouce mini marshmallows

The rectangular pastries: the red ones are from the box "Partygebak mini aardbeien bites", found at the freezer section of the Aldi supermarket and the chocolate ones are from the bakery section of the Albert Heijn supermarket.

The mini choux creams (from the freezer section) and chocolate sauce (from a tube) are also from the Aldi supermarket.

The green tea ice cream with red beans (which almost looks like a mint ice cream with chocolate bits, my other favorite!) were handmade from scratch by me.

The chocolate chunks with dried fruit and nuts are broken parts of the Nestle L'atelier chocolate bar with cranberries, almonds, and hazelnuts. The milk chocolate is creamy and the crunchy whole almonds and hazelnuts are really tasty. Instead of raisins, which can be a bit too sweet for me sometimes, the dried cranberries are refreshingly sour. It is my favorite out of all the Nestle L'atelier chocolate bars.

The dark chocolate sticks with mint center and the mini marshmallows are from the Flying Tiger store. The mint chocolate sticks became more delicious, after I stuck them in cold ice cream. They were crispy and tastier than at room temperature. You can probably also get this effect by putting them in the fridge for some time.

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