AEON MaxValu supermarket in the ONE mall

In the basement two floors of the ONE mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, you can find a large AEON MaxValu supermarket with a Living plaza, which sells a large diversity of household goods for one fixed price ($12). It is practically the Daiso, but it is called the Living plaza in Hong Kong. Both supermarkets as well as the Living plaza are my must go places, when I am in Hong Kong. I like discovering new snacks and drinks in the supermarkets and I never leave the Living plaza empty handed. I also have the habit of eating fruit as dessert after a meal. No matter where I am, the first thing that I try to locate is the nearest supermarket and/or fruit stalls.

Korean Kyoho grapes AEON max valu supermarket

In the AEON MaxValu supermarket, you can find special imported fruits that have a high price tag, but some are really worth splurging on. For normal fruit, you should go to the ParknShop and Wellcome supermarkets or the wet markets.    

Korean Kyoho grapes (HK$52)

It was the first time that I tried Kyoho grapes from Korea, as I normally buy the ones from Japan. But seeing that it is freshly flown in by Korean Air, it was worth a try. The grapes were big and round, similar to Kyoho grapes from Japan, but the flavor is a slightly bit sour. The grape skin was also a bit thicker and more bitter. But overall, it is still okay. 

Korean Kyoho grapes AEON max valu supermarket flown in by Korean air

Japanese Nagano white peach (HK$79)

It has been a long time, since I last ate them, so even though it was a bit expensive, I still bought two to share. I think they needed to ripen a bit longer, as they were a bit on the firm side, and since they are off season, they weren't very sweet too. I felt a bit disappointed, but I will try to get them in the summer the next time.  

Japanese Nagano white peach AEON MaxValu supermarket the ONE mall Hong Kong

Korean musk melon (HK$52)

I wanted to try the expensive, Japanese musk melon, but the hefty price tag of about €20-30 for one was still a too big hurdle to take, when it really came down to it. So, I went for the more affordable alternative, the musk melon from Korea. It still had the stem on it and it was really big, compared to the melons that we get in the Netherlands. The musk melon was very juicy, but not really sweet enough.    

Korean musk melon AEON MaxValu supermarket the ONE mall Hong Kong
Korean musk melon sliced AEON MaxValu supermarket the ONE mall Hong Kong

Japanese Nagano Kyoho grapes from the YATA supermarket 

We weren't very successful in getting delicious fruit, until we found these Japanese Nagano Kyoho grapes in the YATA supermarket in Shatin at around the end of our trip. The grapes had a thin skin and they were really sweet. It is how I remembered them to be, when I first tried them in Japan. 

Japanese Nagano Kyoho grapes from the YATA supermarket

Living plaza

At Living plaza, I bought this Ice bar maker (about HK$20?) and two sets of bath tablets (HK$12 each). One set has four rose scented bath tablets (pure rose, blue rose, grace rose, and fresh rose), while the other set has assorted scents (rose, chamomile, cypress, and Chinese lemon). I really liked the scents and one tablet was enough to turn the bath water into a different color. After walking around in Hong Kong, it was great to be able to have a relaxing bath.

daiso living plaza aeon ice bar maker bath tablets rose medicated

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