Nine seafood place (九號水產), Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best place to be for seafood lovers like me. When I was in Hong Kong, I heard that a new seafood hub recently opened in Hung Hom, called Nine seafood place 九號水產 (Facebook page). It is not just an restaurant, it is a large seafood paradise with live seafood water tanks, many different seafood restaurants, a large seafood supermarket, a private kitchen, where cooking classes are held, and sea themed decorations that you can use as a background for your pictures. It was within walking distance from the Kowloon Harbourfront hotel, where we were staying at.

I especially had fun looking at the live seafood water tanks. It isn't something that we have in the Netherlands. There were a lot of exotic fishes and crabs that I have never seen before. It was almost like a visit to the aquarium, but you don't need to buy tickets, as you can just walk in and take pictures (note: don't touch the fish or obstruct the sales people in doing their business).

Nine seafood specialties store

At the large seafood supermarket in the Nine seafood place, I bought two Japanese cheesecakes and one large bag of frozen oysters.

Go Yo baked cheesecake matcha chocolate boxes nine seafood specialties store supermarket

The cartoon packaging of the Japanese Go! Yo! baked cheesecake looked very cute and I really wanted to try the two flavors: matcha and chocolate. There was a deal going on, which made it possible to get the second one for HK$20. One box of baked cheesecake was HK$49 and adding another one for the discounted price of HK$20, makes it on average HK$34.50 each. Since they came out of the freezer, we needed to let them defrost in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours before eating. 

Go Yo baked cheesecake matcha chocolate four slices nine seafood specialties store supermarket

It was great that there were four slices, as it was exactly the number of people in our group. We didn't have to fight to get the flavor that we wanted and we could taste one slice of both flavors. The baked cheesecake was quite firm and on the bottom, there is a thin layer of cake. It was a bit heavy on the stomach, but it was creamy and full of flavor.     

Go Yo baked cheesecake matcha one slice top side shot nine seafood specialties store supermarket

The bag of frozen Japanese oysters was HK$118 and after frying them in a pan, the oysters were very large and juicy. It was a pity that we didn't have any butter, as pan-frying them in butter would have probably been better.  

frozen japanese oysters

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