High Choc at Chocolate Company Cafe in Rotterdam

Last Friday, I had made reservations for a High Choc at the Chocolate Company Cafe in Rotterdam, so I had to leave the YSL beauty masterclass early. There was already a smaller Chocolate Company Cafe counter in the Markthal, where I previously tried their cold choc drinks. But late last year, they opened an actual cafe with cozy places to sit on the Oude Binnenweg 109A. There was a Social deal, which made it possible for me to try a High Choc at a discounted price. For 1.5 hours, you get unlimited tea, a cup of hot choco, savory sandwich rolls, 4 luxury chocolates, breadsticks, two spoonfuls of chocolate spreads, slices of cheesecake and brownie cake, and a mini chocolate fondue with grapes, strawberries, cookies, and marshmallows to dip in it.

slices Cakes cheesecake brownie muffins glass display case Chocolate Company Cafe Rotterdam Oude Binnenweg Netherlands
The killer brownie cake and cheesecake from the display case is included in the High Choc

I really loved the chocolate fondue, as the chocolate had a thick consistency and a rich chocolate flavor. It is a little bit too sweet for me, but a cup of tea was able to neutralize it. The grapes and strawberries tasted nice with the chocolate, the "speculaas"  cookies were crunchy, and the marshmallows were fluffy and a bit sticky. I do wish that they could include a small pack of wet tissues with the chocolate fondue, as the melted chocolate almost got everywhere. Luckily, I could wash my sticky hands in the toilet (one for men and one for women, free for customers) in the back. The chocolates (they call them bombons) were somehow not that amazing, but the choc spreads were. I liked them so much that I bought a jar of pistachio spread to take home. The breadsticks were long strips of toasted white and brown bread and I broke pieces off to dip in the choc spreads and olive oil with a drop of chocolate, which I almost confused with balsamic vinegar. They were really tasty. The sandwich rolls were nice too. Simple flavors, but put together, they compliment each other. I got too full to eat the cheesecake and brownie cake during the High Choc, so I took them home to eat as dessert, after dinner. The cheesecake and brownie cake were a bit heavy, but very creamy and buttery. They might have tasted better, if I ate them when they were still fresh.

As for the drinks, I picked the hot white chocolate milk, because I wanted to try something new, but milk or dark chocolate milk would probably be a better choice. However, I really liked the Japan Green Sencha and the China Finest Jasmin tea that I tried, very recommended!

Watch this video of mine to see all the things that I ate and drank during the High Choc at the Chocolate Company Cafe in Rotterdam.

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