Incheon International airport

After our afternoon flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, we arrived at Incheon International airport around 15:35. The first thing we did, was going to the CU convenience store located at the airport to buy the public transport cards, called T-money cards, topped up with 10.000 won each. While we were there, we also grabbed some Korean onigiri (triangular rice balls with filling) and gimbap (long nori rice rolls with filling, already cut in slices), melon milk, banana milk, and juice. The convenience store onigiri tasted better than the gimbap, which was very dry and the nori sheet on the outside turned soft. So, it is better to buy the onigiri. The drinks were all great.  

Because, it was around Chuseok when we went, we got a cute and colorful T-money card with Line friends, Brown and Cony, in Chuseok theme. The cartoon characters have a glossy film over them too.

Kakao friends chuseok t-money card Korea cu convenience store

I didn't explore the airport as much as I wanted, as I arrived in the afternoon and quickly, had to find my way to the hotel. Afterwards, I left by a midnight flight, so everything was closed at the airport. I had never seen such an empty airport before. The only things I can comment about is that the toilets were clean.  

At the airport, we also picked up the portable WiFi, which we used for the whole trip in Korea.

Transit tours

If you need to transfer at Incheon International airport and you have some time to spare, you can take special transit tours. The tours have a time-span of 2-hours, 4-hours, and 5-hours. There is something for everyone, from driving on the driving track at the BMW driving center, visiting a large cave, temples, and a palace, admiring modern architecture and old neighborhoods, to shopping in Myeong-dong. It looks like so much fun that I almost want to deliberately book a flight with a transfer in Korea.

You can also nap and refresh yourself at one of the many transit and capsule hotels on the airport, which are open 24/7. There are also many lounges, nap zones, and even digital gyms, where you can work up a sweat.    

Note: In January 2018, terminal 2 was opened on Incheon International airport. Make sure to check if you need to be in terminal 1 or 2, when you leave Korea or when you need to tell people to pick you up at the airport. 

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