HEMA Sundae with chocolate and strawberry sauce

After trying the ice cream from the newly opened Belicio Cheatday, I tried something new again at the takeaway food corner in the HEMA store in Rotterdam. Currently, you can choose from three kinds of sundaes: one with strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, or caramel sauce. We got one with strawberry sauce and one with chocolate sauce for €1.25 each. I am not a big fan of caramel, but the bits of "stroopwafel" (=traditional Dutch wafel cookie with caramel syrup in between) as topping sounds nice, especially for tourists.

HEMA sundae strawberry sauce chocolate multicolor sprinkles pearls popping candy sugar kletskop cookie soft serve ice cream spoons paper cups

The soft serve ice cream is made of 100% Dutch cow milk and it has a nice milk flavor. I tried a bit of both sauces and I like the chocolate sauce the most. The strawberry sundae has a sprinkle of popping candy sugar and the chocolate sundae has a sprinkle of multi-colored pearl sprinkles. On the side, is a buttery and crunchy "kletskop" cookie. The blue-white striped paper cups and colorful plastic spoons makes it a joy to look at.

I quite like the new trend of deliciously decorated, instaworthy ice creams. Even my favorite ice cream shop in Rotterdam, de IJssalon, is selling special ice cream cups with two scoops of ice cream of your choice, fresh fruit, whipped cream, and homemade strawberry sauce for €4.50, this long weekend. Great to treat your mom to some ice cream on Mother's day. I also saw on the HEMA Facebook page that there will be a new ice cream cone with soft serve ice cream, half a decorated donut, a chocolate stick, and silver & gold pearls or mini marshmallows as toppings around mid May. It will be called Blijsje, a combination of the Dutch words "blij" (=happy) and "ijsje" (=a small ice cream). Perfect for the cheatdays every once in a while.

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