Smöoy frozen yogurt in Markthal, Rotterdam

Smöoy is a new frozen yogurt shop that has opened in the Markthal, Rotterdam, and currently, there is a Groupon deal, with which you can get a smöoy classic (a medium size frozen yogurt with two toppings of your choice) and a donut or muffin for about half the price. The more frozen yogurt sets you buy at once, the bigger the discount. So, buying 4 at once gives you the most discount.

Smöoy frozen yogurt raspberry blueberry mango markthal rotterdam netherlands

It was the first time that I would try their frozen yogurt, so I played it safe by just getting two frozen yogurt sets. On the left is the frozen yogurt with natural yogurt flavor with blueberries and mango as topping. On the right, is the frozen yogurt I got with half ivory (extra creamy frozen yogurt) and half chocolate. As toppings, I chose raspberries and blueberries (those were hidden in the back).

I tasted two small spoons of the frozen yogurt with natural yogurt flavor and I liked that more than the two flavors I got. The Ivory and Chocolate flavor tasted more like normal ice cream and the tartness of the yogurt is not really present. So, it is great for people who don't like the distinct yogurt flavor, but do want the benefits of the frozen yogurt (low fat, rich in fiber, and gluten free). The Ivory tastes like a soft serve ice cream with a nice vanilla sweetness and the chocolate is like a soft serve ice cream with a - for me not rich enough - chocolate flavor. However, the texture is on the watery side and not very firm, so it melts quite fast. The natural yogurt flavor kept its shape a bit longer.

We also got a donut with our frozen yogurt. We picked the pink donut and the Oreo donut.

Smöoy frozen yogurt markthal rotterdam döomy donut simpsons oreo

In the pink donut, is a strawberry jam filling and in the Oreo donut, is a white cream filling. I liked the Oreo donut a bit more, as the texture was softer.

Smöoy frozen yogurt markthal rotterdam döomy donut simpsons oreo filling

As I couldn't get the frozen yogurt flavor out of my mind after only two little spoons of it, I went there again after getting the Groupon deal for four persons. We went with three people and I received a stamp card for the one that I didn't use yet. We all got the frozen yogurt in the natural yogurt flavor (there was no special flavor at the moment). As toppings, we got strawberries + blueberries, blueberries + mango, and strawberries + limoncello sauce. The fruit were fresh like the previous time and the limoncello sauce was like a sweet lime-lemon sauce.

Smöoy frozen yogurt medium two toppings limoncello sauce mango strawberry blueberry

I liked the Oreo donuts the most from last time, so we got two of those. 

Smöoy frozen yogurt markthal rotterdam oreo donuts döomy

I took the risk to try the Smöofin (a muffin with a sauce center). I got the chocolate muffin with forest fruit sauce. You can choose between a natural and chocolate muffin and accompany that with a forest fruit of caramel sauce. The muffin was quite dense and it reminded me a bit of a very firm brownie. The sauce made eating it quite messy. I got very sticky hands and spilled a bit of the sauce on the table. I wish I took some wet wipes with me.

Smöoy frozen yogurt markthal rotterdam smöofin chocolate muffin with forest fruit sauce

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