Flying Tiger purchases #3

During my last visit to the Flying Tiger store, I saw a lot of cool summer items that I liked. I wanted to buy a lot more things, but I was able to limit myself to only a couple of things.

This cute pink USB desk fan was only €7 and it was also available in the colors turquoise and black. I really like it, as the desk fan is light and it doesn't make much noise. I can easily bring it anywhere in the house and even at the balcony, while I work on my laptop. But you can also connect it to an USB charger or powerbank.

The large glass bottle (€3) has an inventive pouring cap, which makes it unnecessary to screw the cap off. You can just flip it open, click it on the other side, and pour the drink out. However, you cannot store it sideways, as even though it closes quite well, it will leak. You also need to be careful if you have pets or children closeby, as the glass can be dangerous, if it drops on the floor and breaks. I actually broke mine, but I went to the Flying Tiger store to get another one with a pink cap, as I like it so much.

The soda bottle with pink plastic screw cap was only €1 and homemade lemonade and iced tea, just seems to taste better when I drink it out of this.

At the Flying Tiger store, I also found this very delicate looking, sea shell shaped dish for €2. You can use it to store a bar of soap or small jewelry.

I also bought this nice set of 6 glasses for only €2. The glasses are sturdy and they don't slip out of your hand easily.

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