Shopping with Michelle #3

This "Shopping with Michelle" blog post will be about the nice summer sale accessories that I bought at Monki, the desserts I found at the Jumbo supermarket, and the special flavor of the week frozen yogurt I got at Smöoy.


During the summer sale, I saw that the black patent leather wallet with studs that I had an eye on, was discounted from €12 to €2. It was a complete bargain and it is nice to use as an extra coin purse during holidays. I tried using it for Euros, but the €2 coin keep getting stuck between the zipper and the fabric on the sides of the coin compartment. If it only got stuck, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it gets stuck in a way that you can no longer open the whole zipper up. I had to use a hard ruler to push it out from the outside. I don't know how to describe this properly, but I placed the wide side of the ruler against the narrow side of the coin and pushed it along the zipper. You may wonder why I wrote this down, but this piece of information might save someone, who also bought this wallet, or even myself one day.

Monki patent leather black wallet studs stars rhinestones coin compartment cards

I also bought these black-white patterned socks with two black stripes. Originally they were €8 per pair, now €1, and at the time, all socks, including sales items, were 2+1, so I only paid €2 for three pairs of socks. The guy at the cash register actually told me about it, when I was trying to buy two pairs of socks. It doesn't happen to me often that they are so kind to tell you about a discount that you are not aware of. So, thanks!

Monki store Rotterdam sale black white pattern stripes socks

Jumbo supermarket

Currently, there is a 4 for €2 deal on the one-person dessert cups from the Jumbo supermarket house brand. I bought two cups of lemoncello, one tiramisu, and one cappuccino, but I brought them to someone's house, so I only tried the Lemoncello dessert. It was not bad: the limoncello sauce on top had a nice alcohol flavor, the fluffy lemon mousse in the center was tasty, and the cake on the bottom was not too hard or too soaked. From what I heard, the tiramisu was pretty authentic too (a nice alcohol flavor, but a tad too sweet). The cappuccino was better and with a nice coffee flavor.

Jumbo lemoncello dessert cup limoncello sauce lemon mousse biscuit crust bottom


As it was ridiculously hot this summer (it doesn't happen that often in the Netherlands), I visited the Smöoy frozen yogurt shop in the Markthal in Rotterdam a few more times. It is great that the Groupon deal is still going on. The previous two times, there was no special flavor of the week, but I was able to try two of the seven alternating flavors of the week (mango, strawberry, pineapple, banana, peach, forest fruits, and cantaloupe melon) in the following visits.

My favorite was the cantaloupe melon flavor. It has a strong cantaloupe melon flavor and the sweet-sour balance was just right. It was a bit leaning to sweet, but the sourness was just enough to not get sick of the sweetness. I highly recommend it, combined with a half of the regular frozen yogurt.

Smöoy frozen yogurt Rotterdam Markthal cantaloupe melon flavor of the week

I have also tried the peach flavor of frozen yogurt. It has a strong peach flavor, but it is a bit on the sour side. I prefer the slightly sweeter Cantaloupe melon flavor.

Smöoy frozen yogurt Markthal Rotterdam peach flavor of the week

I kept getting fruit as my toppings, as you basically buy frozen yogurt for the healthy aspect and the fruit were just so delicious, but there are many other options, such as fruit and chocolate sauces, chocolates, nuts, candies, and cookies. Since you already saved some calories with the ice cream, it is not that bad to go wild with the toppings once in a while.

Smöoy frozen yogurt Markthal Rotterdam toppings chocolates

Smöoy frozen yogurt Markthal Rotterdam toppings fruit chocolate sauces

Smöoy frozen yogurt Markthal Rotterdam toppings cookies nuts fruit

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